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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cracow, 14th December, 2012

  group mobilizes its activities in Ukraine

  extends three big contracts with chain stores


    Paczkomaty® InPost gain global markets, and the automated postal terminals are waiting to conquer Europe. However, Group, a company known for its innovative ideas, does not limit itself to the non-standard services, that revolutionize international postal courier industry. It is still active in the field of unaddressed mail, although not in Poland. The former leader of the Polish distribution market strengthens its position in Ukraine. That “emerging” Ukrainian sector is valued at PLN 120m in 2012, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year. Thus, it is worth to fight for.

  – a distribution company, part of the Group, has signed a contract with ALLO, the largest e-store selling telecommunication equipment, as well as significantly extended the cooperation terms with Foxtrot, an electronic chain store. At the same time, the company also renewed the contract with BILLA, the European supermarket chain, and one of the major players in the food industry in the Ukrainian market, owned by the German company, REWE.


  distributes about 4.5m of leaflets monthly. As a result of new contracts as well as renewing the existing one, Group not only increased the volume of distributed unaddressed mail up to 50 m per year, but also significantly extended the territorial range of provided services. Currently, provides its services for Foxtrot in the central and western Ukraine, distributing unaddressed mail for BILLA and 425 ALLO stores throughout Ukraine.



    Our plans concerning the Ukrainian market of unaddressed mail and the particular chains operating there are very challenging. By the end of 2012, we plan to take over the cooperation with Foxtrot in a whole in terms of provided services and territorial range. It will be a great achievement. If we achieve this goal, we will become the first and only distributor of unaddressed mail in Ukraine, which provides not only comprehensive, but also geographically extensive services based on its own resources and logistics. Moreover, we hope to provide our services for those BILLA shops that haven’t cooperated with us so far. This will mean not only a monopoly in providing distribution services to BILLA supermarkets, but also the implementation of activities throughout Ukraine. We intend to develop the cooperation with network pharmacies, which may greatly expand our portfolio of existing customers. main objective is to become a leader of the Ukrainian market of unaddressed mail within the next 18 months”, says Waldemar Brzoska, CEO of and advisor to the management board of Group.



    With the development of business in Ukraine, the Group also plans to increase employment in the local market, both in the operating department, as well as in the area of customer service. That also requires a logistics development, including an increase of office space, warehouse, and vehicle fleet. In 2013, the company plans to invest about 3m euros in the infrastructure.


    At the same time, Group prepares to deploy even 250 easyPack by InPost machines in Ukraine as a part of 5-year-plan of international expansion. By the end of 2012, about 50 machines are to be deployed within the easyPack project being implemented together with the PineBridge fund, out of which 20 will be located in Kiev. task is to provide logistics and human support of the project based on the company offices in Ukraine, as well as technical support, and maintenance.


    Contrary to how it might seem, the struggle for foreign markets has begun much earlier than the idea for other products or services. That is why it is so important to “enter the market” at the right time. This does not mean immediate contracts, but in turn, a good knowledge of the economic realities significantly facilitate to establish business contacts. Due to its limited infrastructure, Ukraine is a very specific, difficult and demanding market. Therefore, each new, or renewed contract is not very obvious business issue, as in case of Poland, not to mention Western Europe. However, the important fact is that emerging markets are the great place to grow together. And this is our strategy”, adds Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of Group.

  has been operating on the Ukrainian market of unaddressed mail since 2008. Since 2009, the company has been providing transport services for OSD. The company distributes 120 tons of advertising materials annually, including BonPrix catalogues, and about 2.5m "Расти, Малыш" item dedicated for mothers and their children. The company is also the Leroy Merlin sole partner within the quarterly distribution activities in Kiev.


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