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    Cracow, October 26, 2011

  Group one of the best Polish enterprises according to Rzeczpospolita journal!


    The „Good Company” award, a high position among other innovative companies and a good position in the main ranking of Rzeczpospolita’s „List of 2000”

  Group – provider of innovative postal and courier solutions, e-commerce services and independent financial and telecommunications operator, has once again been awarded with the title “Good company” by Rzeczpospolita! The dynamic development as well as Group’s excellent financial outcomes for 2010 resulted in 31st position in the ranking of innovative companies and “List of 2000”.


    „Rzeczpospolita” ranking has been organized for 10 years. The companies competed mainly for a good position in the main ranking called “List of 2000”, the title of “Good Company”, and a position in the ranking of the most innovative companies. The companies with the most dynamic sales in 2007-2010 and those showing the growth of assets and capital were among the competition winners.

  Group was 1146 in the ranking of 2000 largest Polish companies improving its last year’s result of 518 positions. was also the winner of the “Good Company” contest, which brings together companies demonstrating extremely dynamic and effective development. was 31st among 60 innovative companies which allocate some of their financial expenditures for research and development (R+D).


    “There is no doubt Group development as well as companies being parts of it is more and more rapid every year. It can be seen not only in the scale of the company’s projects in Poland and overseas but especially through its financial results. The promotion of 500 positions on the Rzeczpospolita’s “List 2000” reflects our business potential. We are still fighting for the strong position on a number of promising and dynamically developing markets, therefore our ambitions regarding the business profitability increase adequately to the range of our activities. These high positions on the lists confirm the effectiveness of our marketing strategy”, said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.

  Group revenues from the foreign projects only may reach up to euros 1 million in 2011, and even euros 20-40 million within next few years. In turn, at the end of 2010, Group significantly increased the key indicators:


    • 202,38 mln PLN of revenue /2010/ – an increase of 49% year-on-year


    • 16,52 mln PLN of net profit /2010/ – an increase of 60,7% year on year


    • 23,49 mln PLN of operating profit /2010/ - an increase 90,5% year on year


    • EBITDA of 33,99 mln PLN /2010/ – an increase of 112% year on year


    • Net profitability at the level of 8,16% in 2010

  also maintains its strong position on the capital market. The company reported nearly 10-fold increase of capitalization over the last four years, from PLN 60 mln to more than PLN 576 mln, the return on investment in shares is 579% from the date of its debut (October 26, 2011).