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    Cracow, October 19, 2011

  Group one of the Big 5 among most innovative companies in Central Europe!


    Results of this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2011

  Group, the provider of innovative postal and couriers solutions, e-commerce services and independent financial and telecommunications operator, has joined the eminent group of innovative and fast growing companies of Central Europe with a vengeance! The intensive development and excellent financial results for 2010 ensured the Group 35th place in the Deloitte „Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2011” main ranking as well as 2nd place in the “Big 5” category of this prestigious competition.


    „Technology Fast 50 Central Europe” is held in several dozen countries all over the world. Group competed with outstanding companies form Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Lithuania. Companies competed in the main category, „Technology Fast 50” and two subcategories: “Rising Stars” and “Big 5”. Group was awarded 2nd place in the “Big 5” category, which brings together companies with the largest revenues in 2010.


    “Implementation of proprietary technologies, such as easyPack by InPost, InFlavo sales platform, and Power Post service, drives the Group dynamic development and helps to get excellent financial results. Group was indicated as one of the fifty fastest growing companies in Central Europe in 2011, not only due to high business activity in the domestic market but primarily because of the international expansion carried out in an effective and efficient way. Our high position in „Big 5”, in the ‘Technology Fast 50 Central Europe’ ranking is even more valuable, because it confirms our business effectiveness and the unprecedented success of the Group both in Poland and overseas”, said Rafał Brzoska, Group CEO.


    Winners of the Deloitte “technology Fast 50 Central Europe” ranking were chosen based on financial results. Group key indicators increased significantly at the end of 2010;

    • PLN 202.38 mln revenue in 2010 – an increase of 49% year-on-year


    • PLN 16.52 mln of net profit in 2010 – an increase of 60,7% year-on-year


    • PLN 23.49 mln of operating profit in 2010 – an increase of 90,5% year-on-year


    • EBIDTA of PLN 33.99 mln in 2010 – an increase of 112% year-on-year


    • Net profitability in 2010 at the level of 8,16%

  also maintains its strong position on the capital market. The company reported nearly 10-fold increase of capitalization over the last four years, from PLN 60 mln to more than PLN 585 mln, the return on investment in shares is 532,31% from the date of its debut (October 18, 2011).


    The Group presence in the „Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2011” ranking extended the long list of awards and prizes for the Group innovativeness and proactive business policy.


    Some of the Group awards and prizes


    • World Mail Awards 2011 – double victory in two categories: e-commerce and Innovations (2011) as well as World Mail Awards 2010 in Growth category


    • INNOVATICA – prize awarded by the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for the innovativeness of easyPack 24 (2011)


    • easyPack by InPost and InFlavo awarded the title of “The most innovative company in Poland” by the Polish Market journal (2011)


    • Małopolska Economic Award for the business success and contribution in regional economic development (2011)


    • The Polish business promoting emblem „Teraz Polska” rewarded two times for “The best services” carried out on the postal market (2008) and the track-and-trace on-line option (2009)


    Stock ranking


    • Newsweek Polska: Ranking of the most valuable companies (April 2011)
      • 1st place among the 100 fastest growing companies in the service sector.


    • Newsweek Polska: Ranking of small businesses (April 2011)
      • 2nd place among 50 listed companies that fastest build their value, calculated as the resultant of revenue growth and market capitalization
      • – capitalization of PLN 473,2 mln (average annual growth of 80%)


    • on 3rd place among 400 companies listed on WSE in the most healthy and growing companies ranking, using CANSLIM method (Puls Biznesu, March 2011)


    • Stock Market Company of the year according to Puls Biznesu (February 2011)
      • Main ranking: 16th place in 2010 in relations to 80th in 2009
      • Top 20 companies with the best perspectives: 9th place in 2010 in relation to 170th in 2009


    • Premium Brand 2010 (October 2010)
      •, the Company of a High Reputation according to institutional investors


    • Pearl of Polish Stock (May 2010)
      • one of the most valuable companies listed on WSE according to Parkiet journal


    „Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe” results were officially announced during the „Forbes Deloitte Executive Congress” gala ceremony, held on October 17, 2011.