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    Cracow, November 15, 2011

  Group: results after three quarters of 2011. In net profit: 29.5 %, increase in sales: 19%, in operating profit: 23.5 %

  Group, the leading Polish postal group, a provider of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, and an independent financial and telecommunications operator (MVNO) demonstrated an increase to 57.8 mln PLN in consolidated revenue after three quarters of 2011, which indicates an increase by 13.16% in comparison with the analogous period of the previous year. The net profit of the Group reached 4.68 mln PLN.


    In the third quarter of 2011, Group net profitability reached the level of 8.1%. Consolidated EBIDTA amounted to 11.61 mln PLN, which indicates an increase of 27,6%, while its operating profit amounted to 7.98 mln PLN, which indicates an increase of 28.15 % compared to the analogous period of the previous year.



    After three quarters of 2011, Group reported a 19% increase of consolidated revenue as compared to 2010 (from 145.76 mln PLN to 173.44 mln PLN). The company made a net profit of 16,25 mln PLN, increased by 29.5% compared to the same period last year with net profitability of 9.37%. EBIDTA increased from 25.87 million PLN to 33.02 million PLN.

  Group expects that at least 30% of its revenues will come from non-standard services (including electronic) in the coming years. On the other hand due to the international expansion of easyPack by InPost, Group's revenues from the overseas activities will reach about 20-40 million a year, over the next few years.

  Group’s third quarter 2011:

    • the company completed the third quarter with three major international contracts for the production, delivery and implementation of EasyPack by InPost in: Russia, Spain, and Cyprus


    • Similarly to Estonia, where the agreement with Eesti Post was concluded at the beginning of 2011, these countries also etched on the list of international activities of the independent postal operator,

    The new contracts was preceded by the two consecutive agreements, for the supply of the same technology, as well as easyPack by InPost machines to Saudi Arabia and Chile, concluded in October. Thus, the scale of Group international activities has expanded to six new foreign markets in less than a year.

  Group promises to install up to 16 thousand of easyPack machines in 20 European countries within the next four years. The estimated cost of the project is euros 350 million. Moreover, Group plans to increase the number of machines in Poland to 600 items to the end of 2011.


    “Without a doubt, the three first quarters 2011permamently etched into the history of Group. Such a period of several months’ intense organic development as in the case of Group is rarely seen in business. Good financial results and the company access to world markets, not previously available confirm the decision made 5 years ago, when we launched InPost into the postal market. At the time, only few people believed in that business, particularly taking into account a partial liberalization and very strong position of Poczta Polska (Polish Post) in this sector. Nowadays, InPost’s brand is recognizable nearly on all continents. For our investors and shareholders it means their investments have the guarantee, and for us it is an excellent incentive to fight for the Group’s further development and profit and revenue growth in the coming quarters”, said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.


    At the end of October 2011, i.e. after 4 years of listing on WSE, the rate of return on investment in shares reached a level of 591% from the date of the company's debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


    In the third quarter 2011, Group also expanded its activities onto the financial market. After winning a tender, InPost Finanse company started cooperation with KRUS (Agricultural Social insurance Fund) in Łodź and Krus regional branches in Gdańsk and Sztum. The total value of those three contracts is estimated at 3.1 million PLN per year.

  Group strategic plans for 2012:


    Postal market:


    • Increase the shares in the postal and courier services market to 18% by the end of 2012


    • Regular increase of delivered letters from nearly 75 m in 2009, approximately 140 m in 2010, 220-250 m of consignment in 2012, up to the threshold of 280-300 mln of letters in 2013


    • Development and commencement of Power Post /hybrid mail/


    e-commerce sector:


    • Regular building up of the leading position in e-commerce and social shopping sectors, including the development of easyPack by InPost service; launching of 1000 machines throughout Poland


    • International expansion of easyPack by InPost


    • Dynamic development of e-InPost, InFlavo and InFlavo Kultura services


    • Implementation of the „virtual shopping” project (InFlavo) with the use of mobile phone (FreeM), mobile payments (InPost Finanse) and delivery to easyPack 24/7 machine

    MVNO sector:


    • Development of direct marketing and loyalty programs with the use of FreeM i MOVA telecommunication brands


    • Launching of the brand new mobile telephone networks dedicated to chain stores


    Financial and insurance market:


    • Development and new customer acquisition; mobile payments and e-invoicing


    • Increase of access to financial services in the strategic voivodeships


    Unaddressed mail distribution market:


    • Strengthening of leading position in door drops distribution and expanding activities range in Ukraine (distribution and easyPack by InPost)

  Group – the most important events in third quarter 2011


    • Continuation of promotional and marketing campaign of easyPack by InPost service aimed at acquisition of strategic partners around the world:
      • the agreement with Cyprus public post – first easyPack machines will be installed in Cyprus still in 2011 /September 2011/
      • the agreement with local courier company for design, production, delivery, and installation of several hundred of easyPack by InPost machines in Spain. The contract value is estimated at 8.5 mln euro /August 2011/
      • iTech - modern technologies fund, part of the QIWI Group agreement, assuming the establishment of a special purpose company named QIWI Post. The plan assumes to install about 440 easyPack machines in Russia, eventually. QIWI Group will invest up to 30 mln $ in the project /July 2011/


    • Inpost Finanse development as a result of strategic contracts with public institutions:
      • The contract with regional branch of KRUS in Gdańsk and Sztum for delivery of disability payments and pensions within 89 Pomeranian municipalities. The contracts’ value per annum is estimated at 1.8 mln PLN /September 2011/
      • A year contract with KRUS branch in Łódź covering the delivery of cash benefits within the voivodship. The contract estimated value is 1.3 mln PLN /July 2011/


    • Launch and promotional and marketing activities related to InFlavo Kultura /July 2011/
      • An innovative and unique solution based on social network popularity and InFlavo innovative business concept and technology is addressed to the world of art, entertainment, media, sport, science and education representatives.
      • platform is thought as a tool that enables direct sales of products and services by artists and their publishers, sportsmen and cultural and educational institutions.


    • New solutions available at InFlavo /September 2011/:
      • Extending the InFlavo Friendly Shopping application range to iOS devices, i.e. iPhones, iPods, and iPads
      • Introduction of payment facilities in the settlement system and InFlavo Friendly Shopping packages



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