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     Cracow, March 2th, 2011




    Q4 2010

    • is awarded in the thirteenth edition of Polish nationwide contest "Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play" (Fair Play Enterprise) /December 2010/
    • Group becomes a prize winner in the regional edition of "Krajowi Liderzy Innowacji i Rozwoju – 2010" (National Innovation and DevelopmentLeaders 2010) of Malopolskie voivodeship. In the Innovative Company category, was awarded for the automation of main sorting plant and the EkoInPost loyalty programme, and in the Innovative Service category for Paczkomaty 24/7 service /December 2010/
    • Launching Power Post service based on the hybrid mail technology, for a sample group of chosen clients /December 2010/
    • Cooperation with Komputronik network as a part of InFlavo commerce platform /November 2010/
    • Commercial launch of FreeM (MVNO), an introduction of a virtual mobile operator /November 2010/
    • InPost takes active part in actions of the Polish Independent Postal Operators Union /October 2010/
    • Cooperation with VOBIS network as a part of InFlavo commerce platform /October 2010/
    • Launching InFlavo, an e-commerce platform allowing running a store via, a first Polish social-shopping service. /October 2010/
    • awarded a title of "Marka Wysokiej Reputacji" (High Reputation Company) in the third edition of PremiumBrand prestigious survey of stock exchange listed companies /October 2010/
    • Continuation of the marketing campaign of Paczkomaty 24/7, or Parcel Machines 24/7

    Q3 2010

    • Continued work on the implementation of new services introduced in Q4 2010, such as: hybrid mail (Power Post), MVNO services (FreeM), social shopping platform (InFlavo)
    • Launching Paczkomaty 24/7 in Podkarpackie and Lubelskie voivodeship
    • Cooperation with, a leading commerce platform providing for almost a half of the Polish e-commerce market, in relation to Paczkomaty 24/7/September 2010/
    • Cooperation with one of the world's largest cosmetics companies, specialising in direct sales, in relation to Paczkomaty 24/7 /September 2010/
    • Expansion of mobile eCommerce team /July 2010/ and hiring a new InPost marketing director /September 2010//
    • InPost awarded in "Mistrz Biznesu" (Master of Business) in the Transportation and Logistics category /July 2010/
    • A company for e-commerce activities joins Group. The contract amounts to 2 million PLN/ /July 2010/
    • Launching an InPost blog, patronage over the industry blog's content /July 2010/

    Q2 2010

    • takes over CP Telecom Sp. z o.o. from Carrefour Polska Sp. z o.o. and Effortel Polska Sp. z o.o. /June 2010/
    • awarded by PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) in the Effective entrepreneur competition /June 2010/
    • awarded the title of "Cheetah of Business" of Malopolskie voivodeship /June 2010/
    • Parcel-sweeping Internet contest launched, a record high number of 180 thousand fans gained. Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (August 11th, 2010) named Paczkomaty 24/7 the most popular company page on Facebook in Poland (203 thousand fans) /June 2010/
    • InPost wins World Mail Awards 2010 in Growth category /June 2010/
    • placed 79 out of 348 and joined The Pearls of Polish Stock-Exchange, a list of the most valued companies on the WSE prepared by the Parkiet newspaper /May 2010/
    • InPost organises the meeting of eight private owned postal companies' representatives in Cracow /May 2010/
    • Paczkomaty 24/7 launched in Silesian voivodeship /May 2010/
    • gains subsidies from the Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie voivodeship for years 2007-2013; the subsidy amounts to 1.46 mln PLN for the development of Paczkomaty 24/7 network and the purchase of new machines /April 2010/

    Q1 2010

    • The speech of the InPost President of the Board during the debate on "Liberalisation, deregulation, competition on markets" organised on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of UOKiK in Gdansk /March 2010/
    • website launched /March 2010/
    • Nordea Otwarty Fundusz Emerytalny increases its share in capital to 5.31% /March 2010/
    • Paczkomaty 24/7 integrated with eTradePRO and, platforms that bind together over 1,000 e-stores /February 2010/
    • Paczkomaty 24/7 launched in Lower Silesian voivodeship /January 2010/
    • Send via Paczkomaty 24/7 service introduced /January 2010/
    • Automation of the main sorting plant of Europolis Park Poland Central logistics centre near Piotrkow Trybunalski finished /January 2010/
    • corporate website launched /January 2010/