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    Cracow, 29 June 2011

  group „The most innovative company in Poland”


    EasyPacks and InFlavo unbeatable in the Polish Market ranking


    InPost EasyPacks and InFlavo sales platform - the revolutionary services dedicated to e-commerce market and social shopping offered by Group - once again proved to be infallible after taking part in nationwide competition of innovative projects. These pioneering, non-standard solutions on the national scale, InPost and e-InPost were awarded the title of “The most innovative company in Poland”. The prize was given by the “Polish Market” journal under the auspices of Polish Chamber of Commerce.


    Not only EasyPacks but also InFlavo platform is the e-commerce and social shopping innovative project of Group awarded by Polish Market journal. InFlavo enables Facebook users a comprehensive sales of products and services via the networking site. Integrated payments (dotpay) as well as the integration with the Easypacks - a revolutionary postal-courier solution used for posting and receiving parcels – are the examples of the benefits of the new e-service.


    Beside the software, InFlavo also offers its clients some support in the use of social media in the communication with the users. The platform has been active in the market since October 2010, and more than 2 000 e-sellers have been benefiting from it.


    Rafał Brzoska, the president of the Group optimistically summarizes the ranking results and announces another innovative services: “Innovativeness is strongly inscribed in our strategy. That is definitely one of our major competitive advantages, which was also recognized by independent experts evaluating the potential of Polish companies for the ranking organized by Polish Market journal. Thanks to the creative ideas and unconventional solutions such as EasyPacks and InFlavo we are not only creating the Polish postal-courier market and e-commerce and social shopping industries, but we are successfully staying ahead of world trends. We initiated completely new direction defined as f-commerce by media and market, and that is just the beginning of our activity in this area.”


    The enduring popularity of EasyPacks and the Facebook users’ growing interest in InFlavo results in implementation of “virtual shopping” option in 2011 by Integer. It is going to be another innovative project in the Polish market created to make the whole shopping process only with the use of mobile phone. From the visit at e-store available at InFlavo platform and paying via mobile payments by InPost Finanse, to ordering and collecting the parcel at the Easypack. That was the reason of launching FreeM brand (mobile phone operator), which enables its users free access to social networks and communicators in exchange for viewing ads.


    “Now we may also announce completely new and service based on InFlavo concept, which goes far beyond realities of Polish business. It is dedicated to show business representatives. Our latest project is called InFlavo Kultura and currently is being promoted by Martyna Wojciechowska. She is the owner of the e-store at InFlavo platform on Facebook, where one can buy her books or souvenirs from her voyages. Soon the service will be available for other artists and their publishers to enables them selling their works via InFlavo Kultura” – added Rafał Brzoska.


    Innovativeness of products and services has been confirmed by numerous awards. The most important are the “Oscars” won at World Mail Awards 2011 international contest in two categories: E-commerce and Innovation, for the idea of Easypacks and InFlavo.


    In 2011 InPost was also awarded for EasyPacks by the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce as a result of the nationwide INNOVATICA contest as well as the company received “Diamante” title for the especially innovating services of postal and courier industry, granted by industry portal. The company was also awarded in Golden Arrow 2011 contest for “InPost LOVE” campaign, promoting Easypacks and Power Post services.


    More info at:,,, and, also at, blogs: and Paczkomaty and InFlavo Facebook profiles.