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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cracow, August 29th, 2012

  Group – very good half year results


    An increase in net profit by 298% and in sales by 14,4%

  Group – the leading Polish postal group, an independent financial operator, and a provider of innovative postal and courier solutions for e-commerce sector, reported 46.02 m PLN (a 298% rise compared to the analogous period of the previous year) in its consolidated net profit. Simultaneously, the Group reported a consolidated revenue of 132.17 m PLN, a rise of 14.37% compared to 2011. Earnings per share amounted to PLN 7.75, and the rate of return on investment in shares reached a level of 812.59% since its debut on WSE.





    The Group net profitability amounted to 34.8% in the first half of 2012. At the same time the group generated PLN 51.65 m of operating profit. Consolidated EBITDA reached a level of PLN 60.46 million and increased by more than 182% compared to the same period of 2011.



  Group reported the highest revenue (almost 82% of the total amount) in the postal and easyPack services, reaching PLN 108.16m. The easyPack by InPost international and domestic expansion had a significant impact on the achieved results.


    „Our development strategy is based on some very ambitious business assumptions. However, the Group’s current activity proves, that the objectives we have set to ourselves are indeed feasible and achievable. The excellent financial condition of the Group, as well as its external investment opportunities help us not only to continue our development policy, but also to implement other innovative projects, that will allow us to maintain a high growth in terms of revenues, profits, and profitability. Currently, we are focusing on the easyPack by InPost international expansion, which is reflected in our financial results, and at the same time another revolution for the postal market is being prepared by the Group. The effects will appear still in 2012”, announces Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of the Group.


    Between January and June 2012, the Group focused mainly on the international expansion of Paczkomaty® InPost service. As a result of the easyPack worldwide offensive, the company continues its cooperation with 10 international partners, and easyPack by InPost service is present soon will be available in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Cyprus, Spain, and Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Australia. Moreover, by the end of 2012, the company plans to deploy 1000 easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 400 in Russia, 200 in Ukraine, and over 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is possible through the establishment of EasyPack joint venture company, in cooperation with PineBridge Investment, the global private equity fund. The five-year project which leads to the development of easyPack by InPost network in Europe and the CIS countries plans to deploy about 16 thousand machines.


    By the end of 2012 Group plans to spend from 40 to 80 million PLN, on the easyPack service development, and the nearly five-year plan of international expansion is valued at some 300 million euros. The share of customized services (including electronic) will constitute at least 30% of the Group revenues in the next few years. Due to the strategic investments executed in the international markets, Group revenues from the foreign projects will reach the level of 20-40 million euros annually over the next few years.


    Besides the international expansion, by the end of 2012 the Group plans to open 300 new facilities in Poland. Simultaneously, the number of localities, in which the Group plans to provide its services for individual customers will increase to 550, and for institutional to 8,000.


    The impact on Group's financial results in the subsequent quarters in 2012 will have the implementation of the devices replacing postal points onto the Polish and European market. Group has already invested PLN 5m in the preparation of the prototype. The company estimates that the device’s market price for external partners will fluctuate within the limits of 150 - 200 thousand PLN per one machine.

  Group also plans to be more active onto the financial services market. During the first half of 2012 the number of contracts implemented by InPost Finanse was record-breaking. The company continued and signed new contract for the delivery of cash benefits with public and local institutions and authorities, including: OPS Warszawa-Białołęka, KRUS Warszawa, KRUS Białystok, Urząd Miasta Tarnów, MOPR Poznań, MOPS Częstochowa, Szczecińskie Centrum Świadczeń, OPS Warszawa-Ochota, KRUS Łódź, KRUS Gdańsk, KRUS Poznań and MOPS Łódź. Currently, the company delivers more than 50 thousand money transfers monthly amounting to about PLN 50m. At the same time the value of services provided by InPost Finance for the public and local authorities and institutions is estimated at PLN 575m per year, and the company’s revenues will grow by approximately PLN 4million thanks to those contracts.


    Moreover, Group continues through InPost Finanse its cooperation with SMS Kredyt Holding S.A. this implies the dynamic development of ProfesKasa S.A., acting on the micropayments market, where InPost Finanse is a shareholder.


    Plans of the Group for 2012-2013


    - Increase in the market share of postal and courier services to 18-20% by the end of 2012
    - A systematic increase in the number of letters delivered from 220-250 million of consignments in 2012 up to 280-300 million letters in 2013
    - Implementation of the automated postal terminals onto the Polish and European markets
    - The development and expansion of Power Post / email hybrid clients’ portfolio, the service combining the traditional postal services with e-mail functionality
    - Increasing the range of postal activities throughout Poland                                                                                                                                                                                     - A consistent building of a market leading position in Polish and international e-commerce sector, including the development of easyPack by Inpost service
    o Launch of 16 thousand machines in 12 European countries and the CIS countries – reaching the position of international leader in terms of easyPack services
    - Implementation of InPost Finanse contracts with public institutions
    - Development of ProfesKasa S.A. acting on the micropayments market, where InPost Finanse is a shareholder
    - Gaining at least 300 agency contracts or 500 payment reception offices for ProfesKasa S.A. by InPost Finanse by the end of September 2012
    - Development and customer acquisition of mobile payments and e-invoice services (InPost Finanse)
    - Increasing the availability of financial services in key voivodeships and the conclusion of new strategic contracts, including the public and local government entities (InPost Finanse)


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