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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bratislava, 28th of November 2012

  starts operations in Slovakia by launching campaign with Kaufland


    The launch of 24 new easyPack parcel machines in Kaufland stores will be supported by several events, which started on November 24th and will last until Christmas and beyond


    Poland's biggest private postal operator plans to start operation of 24 parcel machines located next to Kaufland stores across Slovakia. “Today, customers need to have everything at their convenience. According to our experience in other regions, our customers find it useful sending or picking up the parcels during their daily shopping,” says Rafal Brzoska, CEO of Group‘s. As he adds, the reason is, people do not have to queue anymore, nor do they have to rush to the post office to make it within the opening hours.


    Cooperation with Kaufland stores in Slovakia is a part of the investment plan of Parcel terminals next to Kaufland stores will go into full operations on the beginning of next year, the launch will be supported by a Christmas campaign as well. The event started on Nov 24 next to Kaufland stores in Bratislava and will be continued in other Kaufland stores in Slovakia. Kaufland customers get a special code, which enables opening the locker in a parcel terminal and receiving their Christmas gift. “The promotional campaign is designed to educate potential users by showing them the concept of the service and how self-service terminals are working," explains Rafal Brzoska. EasyPack terminals work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without restrictions.

  plans to install 50 easyPack parcel machines in the first phase of its investment in Slovakia. announced a Europe-wide investment of 300 million euro in August this year. Its objective is expansion and completion of the post terminal network. In Slovakia, there are 34 post terminals currently installed and 16 more are under preparation to be installed within few weeks. "We are now completing the integration phase and analysing our results. In the next few weeks we will be running testing phase and on the beginning of next year we will start our commercial services," explains R. Brzoska.

  is a leading world producer of parcel terminal and operator of the biggest privately owned postal operator in Poland. Currently it operates a network of 500 parcel machines in Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Together with U.S.-based global private equity fund PineBridge Investments, the company now plans to create a network of 16,000 easyPack parcel machines across Europe and the CIS countries as part of a €300 million investment program to be implemented in the next three years. Group has already signed contracts for easyPack delivery to Saudi Arabia, Chile, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


    About easyPack


    The easyPack terminal network is the second largest network of this kind in the world and the only innovative solution in Slovakia that enables a quick and secure sending and collecting parcels around the clock, seven days a week, without queuing and at convenient locations. easyPacks save time and reduce shipping costs. The terminals are conveniently located at shopping or commercial centers. The solution assures that there is no need to wait at home for a courier. Instead, with an SMS and email notification customers can decide to collect their parcels on route to work, on the way back home, during a lunch break, or whenever its convenient for them.


    The new solution significantly supports dynamic development of e-commerce business, thus its functionality is very much appreciated by companies involved in e-retailing. The easyPack delivery option is currently being offered by more than 3,000 e-stores. Currently, about 10,000 e-sellers use the service. The service is also used by companies from the MLM sector.


    easyPack terminals guarantee quick and safe online shopping. They are a perfect solution for internet stores because:
    • they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    • almost every parcel (98%) sent to an easyPack is ready for collection a day after it was sent;
    • more than a half of the customers (59%) collect their orders within the first six hours from the moment they received the text message informing about the delivery of a parcel to an easyPack terminal;
    • 74% of customers using the courier services have decided to use easyPack service and recognized it as more attractive than a courier service


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