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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cracow, August 8th, 2012

  strengthens its international e-commerce team


    Another expert and professional in the easyPack structure


    Due to the global expansion of easyPack by InPost service, Group expands its team with new hire. Karol Milewski, the new managing director and business developer will be responsible for national and international business offensive. Mr Milewski will be also in charge of the local easyPack structures in Russia, where 400 new machines are to be deployed by the end of the year, as well as in Czech Republic and Slovakia, with 100 new devices to be launched. His responsibilities also include the control over sales and marketing department in Poland.



    Karol Milewski is one of the co-founder of Groupon in Poland. He has been Groupon’s Managing Director, responsible for P&L, sales and marketing, the largest online budget in Poland, as well as acquisition of several million users. At that time Mr. Milewski had been managing a team of several dozen people. Previously he had worked for PayPal in Poland and in Great Britain, as a business development manager. There, he introduced the PayPal system allowing to top-up the account in real time, resulted in cost takeout of tens of percentage points. Karol Milewski is also a founder of the Marketing Wizards marketing agency, offering its services to Nestle, InPost, and PayPal.


    Karol Milewski is a Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Information Systems faculty in economics, as well as international studies in Finland and Germany. He has won several international competitions and projects, including the Google Online Marketing Challenge.


    Rafał Brzoska,the CEO of InPost concludes with satisfaction the easyPack HR structure process creation; “Karol Milewski’s knowledge, market experience and powers perfectly fit the needs of the newly created e-commerce department, responsible for easyPack service international development. Working in such creative team is really challenging, so Karol’s personal goals are also ambitious. One of his new tasks is to increase the number of parcels send via easyPack service in Poland. Ultimately, the shipments volume is expected to increase by 50 % in the last three months of 2012. I believe, that with his custom sales and promotional solutions and high qualifications the goal is likely to be realized.”


    In July 2012, the new COO, Jan Tar, has joined the easyPack team. Mr. Tar will be responsible for acquisition and preparation of easyPack machines locations in Poland and abroad, and the new implementations as well as the comprehensive support and consumer service.


    easyPack by InPost is the world’s second largest logistics structure that enables sending and receiving parcels at any time. In the following four years, the easyPack by InPost network will amount to 16 thousand machines. Upon the contract with PineBridge Investments, by the end of 2012, Group plans to deploy 1000 new easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 400 in Russia, 200 in Ukraine, and over 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 the company will deploy another 3 thousand new easyPack machines in Great Britain, two Scandinavian countries, Croatia, Slovenia, and Belgium. In 2014 there will be another 2,5 thousand machines deployed in Europe, the same in 2015, respectively. In 2016 the company plans to launch 3 thousand machines. 4 thousand machines will be held in reserve by the Group to be installed in different countries, depending on the market demand.


    The Group European offensive plan assumes the launch of:


    • 1000 machines in 2012
    • 3000 machines in 2013
    • 2500 machines in 2014
    • 2500 machines in 2015


    In addition, there will be 4 thousand machines held in reserve by the Group to be installed in different countries, depending on the market demand.

  Group is planning to spend up from 40 to 80 million PLN on the development of easyPack by InPost machines service to the end of 2012, and the nearly five-year international expansion project is valued at 300 million EUR. The share of non-standard services will be at least 30% of Group revenue in the coming years. Through strategic investments – implemented on international markets – Group revenue from the foreign projects will reach over the next few years the level of 20-40 million EUR per year.


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