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    Komputronik embraces its fans thanks to InFlavo

     Cracow, November 25th, 2010


    Komputronik embraces its fans thanks to InFlavo


    Facebook is growing in strength! This is confirmed by market surveys and analytical reports on social media. According to Megapanel PBI/Gemius survey, eight million Poles were users of Facebook in October 2010 , and almost every important store runs its Facebook page in order to gain new fans. In the year 2010 Komputronik was announced the best online store in Poland by for the third time . With the use of InFlavo, Komputronik prepared new amenities for fans of online shopping.


    Since November 23rd, 2010, almost 7,500 fans of Komputronik have been able to shop in its special store on Facebook. The tool which makes it possible is InFlavo platform, introduced to the social commerce market by in October 2010.


    What decides about the uniqueness of Komputronik's Facebook service is a possibility to purchase items at a discounted rate, lower than the standard rate in a store outside the social network.


    "The use of Facebook as a distribution channel is a way to show our loyal customers our gratitude for choosing our store, this why the social media exis.", said Rafal Pawlak, Komputronik S.A E-commerce Manager.


    InFlavo has been offering its social commerce commercial service for only a month and it has already been used by over 100 stores. According to Arvind Juneja, InFlavo Community Manager"This is just a beginning. Time is money and Facebook takes it from everyone, including online stores. Thanks to InFlavo, Facebook can become their friend and ally. It allows us to reach a place where the Internet users like to spend their time and do it.".


    Apart from Komputronik and Vobis, which was the first company to run its store on Facebook via InFlavo, Primakom and Best Film use the InFlavo software.


    When asked about the results and effectiveness of the new service, InFlavo experts answer:"One of the features of any innovation is that it takes time to see the results. Except opening a new channel of distribution, you need an idea to see it working. Komputronik is an excellent example here, that gives more to its fans than just offering its goods on Facebook. We are confident that the Internet users will appreciate it. One of our features here at InFlavo is that we aid stores which seek original business ideas and have courage to implement them."


    InFlavo is an innovative social commerce service, offered by Group.The application allows to run online stores via one of the world's most popular social networking sites, InFlavo is an excellent solution for companies and individuals who wish to enhance their distribution channels. InFlavo solutions are offered to all those who enjoy active and productive time spent in the social media. It is the most effective and practical way of online shopping with your e-friends without leaving Facebook.


    Integrated payments via dotpay or Paczkomaty 24/7 are only a few features of the new solution. InFlavo offers 3 packages at different pricing (35, 150, 350 PLN) with the possibility of individual license and pricing.


    Except for the software, InFlavo offers its clients social media support in communication with users. According to InFlavo experts: "Launching a store with Facebook or with any other portal is just the beginning of hard work to gain profit. InFlavo team consists of experienced professionals in trade and social media, this is why we know how to promote and increase sales in social commerce."


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