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    Kouzelna Almara switches to InPost parcel lockers

    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                          Prague, September 13th, 2013


    Kouzelna Almara switches to InPost parcel lockers


    Operator of automated parcel terminals Kouzelna Almara using parcel machines in the Czech Republic. The company started cooperating with IN TIME, InPost strategic partner. The agreement includes locating parcel machines in places of the terminals used by Kouzelna Almara until now. The international offensive involves the launching of a minimum of 150 machines in this country.


    The Group implements parcel machines in the Czech Republic using an “exclusive agreement” model. The strategic business partner of the company is IN TIME. Under the new agreement concluded by the InPost’s strategic partner, the terminals used by Kouzelna Almara will be replaced by the innovative InPost machines.The Czech Republic company will replace its entire network of 15 devices in Prague, allowing its users to independently collect and send shipments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    The latest version of the InPost parcel machine in the Czech Republic market will give the customers the opportunity of much faster receiving shipments using the QR code. The advanced integration of the device with mobile applications and CodeWise technology, will reduce the time of the operation by more than half - from 15 to 7 seconds.


    We are very pleased that another foreign operator offering a modern and convenient parcel machine solution, has decided to use our product. Thanks to this cooperation clients of Kouzelna Almara will obtain an access to the significantly wider network of parcel lockers located in the numerous cities in Czech Republic. More than 7.4 million base of Internet users and a huge number of e-shops in the Czech Republic makes the prospects for development in this region of Europe even more attractive. We believe that easyPack InPost, based on the most modern system allowing to send and collect shipment even in 7 seconds, will meet the requirements of the most demanding users of the local e-commerce market, said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group, holding company of InPost.


    The highest quality and innovation of InPost machines was confirmed by the triumph of InPost during this year's international competition, World Mail Awards 2013. This time, the company won in the 'Customer Service' category defeating such major operators, as Singapore Post and LibanPost.

  Group is currently carrying out the largest overseas expansion of parcel machines in the history of the company. The Czech offensive assumes deployment of a minimum of 150 InPost parcel machines eventually, of which about 100 terminals will be implemented by the end of 2013. So far, the Polish operator has launched 60 terminals to send and collect shipments 24/7 in the Czech Republic.


    InPost parcel machines are very popular among Polish customers from the very beginning. Currently, there are 750 parcel machines available in Poland, and by the end of 2013, the network will be expanded by another 350 terminals.


    Currently, there are about 2,400 parcel machines available in various business models worldwide, and only in 2013 another 2,000 machines will be deployed. The project of implementation of those innovative terminals is carried out together with PineBridge Investments, the global private equity firm. It assumes installation of about 16 thousand devices by 2016. The machines are available in 14 countries around the world – conquering apart from Poland such markets as: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, and Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in just two years.


    The parallel activities are being carried out in the following countries - this year Group has acquired approximately 6,000 locations for another devices. The company is actively preparing itself to enter the world's biggest markets - China and the United States.


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