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    Mini applications on Facebook brought by InFlavo!

     Cracow, March 8th, 2011


    Mini applications on Facebook brought by InFlavo!


    e-InPost, leader of the Polish f-commerce market brings new service in its offer. Mini applications (Mini apps), commonly used in order to activate fans and organise contests on Facebook will now be available to InFlavo clients. First app was launched on 8th March. The date is not a coincidence, as the application allows sending wishes on Women's Day via quickly. All applications are free for InFlavo clients.


    InFlavo's mini applications will have a range of functionalities: from very simple, such as apps for sending wishes, to much more complex ones used for contests and multi-stage games that attract Facebook users.


    New solutions offered by InFlavo will encourage Facebook fans to be more active on companies' fan pages, making it easier and more pleasant to get to know company's offer and making the shopping process more attractive. Mini apps will also be used as a new communication channel with friends. All applications will be available for InFlavo's clients free of charge.


    Jarosław Armada from InFlavo said: "Using InFlavo's mini applications for marketing purposes brings a number of benefits. Applications are very user-friendly and easy to implement. They constitue an added value of our services, and give the companies which run stores on Facebook additional channel of communication with users and a chance to win new clients".


    InFlavo is an innovative social commerce service, offered by Group. The application allows to run online stores via one of the world's most popular social networks, InFlavo is an excellent solution for companies and individuals who wish to enhance their distribution channels. InFlavo solutions are offered to all those who enjoy active and productive time spent in the social media. It is the most effective and practical way of online shopping with your e-friends without leaving Facebook. Except for the software, InFlavo offers its clients social media support in communication with users.