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    New InPost Cross Border service in Europe

    InPost - in partnership with logistics platform Sheepla - has introduced a new international delivery service - InPost Cross Border. The InPost Cross Border service enables ‘door-to-door’ deliveries to 15 European countries and supplies to InPost parcel lockers in Czech and Slovakia. Delivery costs start at 8 euros, making the service one of the most competitively priced of its kind on the market. The InPost Cross Border is a part of a comprehensive and complementary range of national and international logistics services of the company.

    The new service accepts parcels for cross-border delivery via InPost couriers and InPost parcel lockers. It is dedicated to both business as well as individual clients. The service is easily available online via for every InPost Parcel Manager user - free platform for consignment management. Package is sent without unnecessary formalities after logging in to the Cross Border Manager system. What is more, InPost Cross Border service can be easily integrated with online store via a dedicated API (interface that enables integration of various application) or via the platform, which is the technological partner of service. The solution also offers ready-made integration modules for the most popular e-shop platforms.

    The InPost Cross Border service was launched with the option for delivery to a specified postal address in the following 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, lreland, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy. The range of countries covered by the service will be systematically expanded. However, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia InPost also delivers consignments to InPost parcel lockers.

    "By automating the delivery, the world has become much smaller, and the collection of goods ordered online is much more convenient than ever before. The global perspective for e-commerce is also starting to be realised. Improving cross-border service has been our priority for a long time and the latest InPost service represents part of a long and carefully planned process. InPostCrossBorderis a responseto the growing demandfor international logistics servicesandreducing the delivery costs.”, says Rafal Brzoska, CEO of InPost.

    The net cost of an InPost Cross Border door-to-door delivery ranges from EUR 9 to EUR 17,5 for shipment up to 5 kg. There is also the option, currently available in Czech and Slovakia, for delivery to one of the InPost parcel lockers, the net cost of which is between EUR 8 (parcels up to 5 kg) and EUR 13 (parcels from 10-20 kg). Customers also have the option to track consignments and receive electronic confirmation of delivery.

    International recognition for InPost has been confirmed by numerous awards, including: the title of 'Supplier of the Year’, won during Post Expo 2014; fourfold winnings (2010–2013) at the prestigious World Mail Awards; ‘Retail Innovation of the Year 2013' from Postal Technology International; ‘The Delivery Excellence Award 2014’ in the category: ‘The Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation’, received by InPost parcel lockers in the UK.

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