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    Once again easyPack by InPost turned out to be unbeatable in the e-commerce sector!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cracow, October 25th, 2012


    Once again easyPack by InPost turned out to be unbeatable in the e-commerce sector!


    easyPack by InPost service is gaining an increasing recognition among the customers. This time, the revolutionary solution for sending and receiving parcels were announced to be the best logistic solution used in e-commerce business.


    54% voted for easyPack by InPost in the Ekomersy contest, which gained an overwhelming advantage over DPD, the leading courier company in Europe, with 17% votes received from the users. Others were: with 11% votes, and Arvato with 9% respectively. Thus, easyPack by InPost won the winning title of the Ekomersy contest organized by Fundacja Polak 2.0.



    The award for the best operator in e-commerce sector is granted to companies that offer parcel delivery for e-stores, as well as logistic and operational services such as: shipment preparing, return handling and products storage.


    Poczta Polska and other traditional courier companies lose their e-commerce customers for the benefit of a modern delivery type offered by InPost easyPacks, due to the rapid changes in the Internet sales. The most important is price and two even more valuable factors; time and delivery date.


    If there were no customers, there’d be no e-commerce sector as well. The virtual shopping , and delivery based on e-orders depends on them. The Internet users are responsible for the e-revolution, and the e-sector is currently valued at 24-25m PLN. That’s why it is so important to meet the clients’ needs and expectations. Therefore the fact of being better than traditional courier company is so excited”, stressed Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of the Group.



    EasyPack by InPost is the most convenient way of receiving goods ordered via the Internet. The system advantage is the possibility to collect the e-purchase after the day of its posting, in just 17 seconds, 24 hours a day, with no queues. The fact that 74% customers using courier services so far, now prefer easyPack delivery, is even more important. Currently, 3000 e-stores offer the service, and it is also used by 10 000 active e-sellers and more than 420 000 individuals.


    By the end of 2012 the Group plans to deploy 1000 new easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 375 in the UK, 200 in Russia, 50 in Ukraine, and over 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 the company will deploy another 3 thousandnew easyPack machines in Great Britain, two Scandinavian countries, Croatia, Slovenia, and Belgium. In 2014 there will be another 2,5 thousand machines deployed in Europe, the same in 2015, respectively. In 2016 the company plans to launch 3 thousand machines. 4 thousand machines will be held in reserve by the Group to be installed in different countries, depending on the market demand.


    More info available at:,,,, , Paczkomaty na Facebooku (FB profile).