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    Paczkomaty® InPost among the top favourites of the CeBIT trade shows!

    Press Release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cracow, 12 March, 2013


    Paczkomaty® InPost among the top favourites of the CeBIT trade shows!


    Hundreds of innovative products, exhibitors from all over the world and thousands of entrepreneurs seeking new business contacts - this year's CeBIT trade shows have become a great opportunity for domestic producers to present the ICT achievements on the global forum. Nevertheless, a strong Polish accent was prominent in Hannover. Our country has become an official partner of this prestigious industry event. One of the Polish favourites – out of 164 domestic companies presenting the latest technology - were Paczkomaty® InPost.


    Only a year after apperaing on the Polish market (2009), Paczkomaty® InPost have become a synonym of innovation. Thanks to that technology, the Group has been revealing a "new face" of Poland to foreign investors, proving that the Polish postal and courier industry can build a competitive advantage using advanced technology. Among other things, using Paczkomaty® InPost service, the Polish company initiates and implements innovative business projects,promoting Poland as a modern country, open for the latest information technologies.


    “We would like to show the potential of the Polish ICT sector and prove Poland is a country of new technology", said in Hanover Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski, nominating Polish favourites, including Paczkomaty® InPost.



    Mr Piechociński has mentioned about the Polish innovative company on his blog, giving an excellent recommendation for the service: ”Paczkomaty® InPost is a system of lockers enabling to collect the parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are especially convenient for people shopping online. Integer owns the second largest network of parcel machines in Europe”. When visiting InPost stand during CeBIT in Hannover, Mr. Piechociński said;”paczkomaty?! Don’t say anything! I KNOW THEM PERFECTLY WELL! AWESOME!”



    Rafał Brzoska, CEO of added: "Paczkomaty® InPost are undoubtedly one of the most promising Polish export brands, as evidenced not only by their unusual popularity at this year's CeBIT, but most of by the contracts signed by us all over the world. We had no doubt that the solution offered by us would conquer the whole Europe. Thanks to the revolutionary devices for sending and receiving parcels around the clock, we can prove that in the global market there is still plenty of room for innovative services that perfectly fit into the current market trends”.


    When representing Poland on the international arena, including the international expansion of Paczkomaty® InPost, the Group proves that Polish companies operating in the service sector can be innovative, modern and despite a number of structural limitations - are ready to implement of business projects on a global scale. The scope and scale of the Group's operations on many international markets is changing the face of the Polish and the European economies, bringing priceless contribution to the development of a national postal and courier industry and e-commerce sector.


    "CeBIT has enabled us to sum up the existing cooperation with foreign partners, as well as to estimate the demand for Paczkomaty machines. This prestigious industry event was also a great opportunity to establish a completely new business contacts. Among the companies interested in the implementation of machines to send and collect parcels 24 hours a day, and brand new automated postal terminals, which may replace the traditional post offices in the future, were enterprises from Germany, Kuwait, China and Argentina. We hope to finalize the initiated talks still in 2013, and thus the Paczkomaty® InPost network will significantly increase its range, which is part of a strategy aiming to deploy 16 thousand devices in Europe by the end of 2016"- concluded the participation in CeBIT, Piotr Nowiński, InPost Global Account Manager.


    The innovative network of Paczkomaty® InPost has been built from scratch by the Group Currently it is the world’s second largest logistics structure, that enable to send and collect parcels around the clock. Apart from Poland, the devices are already being implemented in 14 foreign markets, from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Cyprus and Ireland, to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Chile and Australia. Only in 2013 - thanks to an agreement with Pinebridge Investments, a global private equity – the Group will launch 3400 new devices around the world, and will spend about 65 million euros for the development of this service. The strategic goal of the Group is to deploy as many as 16 thousand machines by 2016 at least in Europe.


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