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    Parcel machines 24/7 already available through the platform

     Cracow, 19th January 2011


    Parcel machines 24/7 already available through the platform
    Another on-line stores add the "Send through a Parcel machine" option on their websites


    Parcel machines 24/7, or Paczkomaty 24/7, an innovative, postal-courier service offered by InPost is already available to the users of the shop platform. Thanks to this, tens of thousands orders placed in iStore may be completed with the use of Paczkomaty 24/7. Between 18th January and 17th February 2011 the stores using the platform will be able to send parcels to Parcel machines 24/7 free of charge.

 , a company forming the Allegro Group, is the first and the oldest online store platform providing comprehensive software for online stores. has been active on the e-commerce market since 2001 and is currently utilised by around 1,300 stores selling manifold merchandises. The platform employs a safe commission system and gives its users the possibility of a free-of-charge integration with the customer experience sites such as or

  will be one of many suppliers of the solutions for the online stores which offer the "Send through Parcel machine" option. The solution has already been adopted by, among others, or, concentrating more than 1,000 e-stores. The service is moreover available for the users of theeTradPRo and platforms servicing altogether more than 1,000 online stores and, consequently, about 50,000 buyers.


    Establishing a cooperation with the selling platform means that all the stores utilising its software may activate the Paczkomaty 24/7 service in a simple, prompt and intuitive way. and send parcels to the online-shoppers. More information is available on


    After making the Parcel machine 24/7 service available to their clients, the e-stores operating on the platform will have the possibility to:

    • send parcels directly to a Parcel machine 24/7;
    • win new clients thanks to an innovative, quick and prompt form of goods delivery;
    • promote their store on;
    • sending parcels to Parcel machines 24/7 free of charge between 18th January and 17th February 2011;
    • send the first 50 parcels free of charge, if they started using the service after 17th February 2011;
    • obtaining discounts on using the Paczkomaty 24/7 service in subsequent months;

    Thanks to making the "Send to a Parcel machine" option, the clients of the stores operating on the platform will have the access to additional benefits:

    • a wide range of services;
    • the possibility to collect the items purchased online 24/7, without queuing, conveniently and "on the way" somewhere;
    • an e-mail or text notification about a parcel waiting in a Parcel machine 24/7;
    • the delivery of the parcel to a Parcel machine 24/7 within 2 working days from the date of sending at the outside;
    • a chance to win valuable prizes and discount vouchers in contests and lotteries organised by InPost, the operator of Paczkomaty 24/7 service

    Paczkomaty 24/7 guarantee prompt and safe online shopping. Thanks to it both the online stores and its users may post and collect parcels in convenient locations.