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    Poland is just 50 days away from the free postal market

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cracov, November 12th 2012


    Poland is just 50 days away from the free postal market


    Let the countdown begin


    The liberalization of the postal market is about to become a fact. From January 1st, 2013 all postal operator will be able to deliver correspondence weighing less than 50g without any current financial barriers! Visit and join the InPost countdown!


    2013 will undoubtedly be a breakthrough year for the postal industry. The full liberalization of the market in compliance with the Community law, is primarily a positive sign for customers, meaning the increase of competitiveness, more attractive offers and lower prizes.


    Find out what the open postal market means to you. Visit wolnyrynekpocztowy.pland prepare yourself for liberalization together with InPost!



    This is especially important for mass mail senders. They’ll immediately feel the difference in pricing due to the reduction of the correspondence preparation process and elimination the need to separate packing and sorting letters weighing less than 50g. Mass production of correspondence is a complex process, consisting of many different activities. The faster production time reduces the time needed to collect the receivables, orders, and deals.


    Deregulation of the postal market first and foremost means:


    • Much more attractive prices for shipments weighing less than 50g
    • Shorter time of producing the correspondence
    • Simpler procedures


    However, currently the mass senders can count on the services at attractive price offered by InPost. The cooperation before the liberalization of the market will allow to develop the highest standards of cooperation, and hence the increase of effectiveness in the future. Moreover, such cooperation guarantees some savings from the moment of the first shipment. Learn more about cooperation with InPost at


    We are only 50 days away from the liberalization of the postal market. As an independent postal operator we are looking forward to 2013. The area of shipments up to 50g,reserved for Poczta Polska so far will be finally accessible, allowing mass and individual senders to choose the postal operator. We also want to prepare our customers for this important moment. Therefore, we have launched site in order to help anyone to find all necessary information about the upcoming changes”, said Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of the Group.


    InPost is an independent postal operator, the biggest market competitor for Poczta Polska, acting on the postal and courier market since 2006. The company provides services including everyday correspondence, mass correspondence (mailings, invoices), e-correspondence (multioperator e-invoice) and e-commerce shipments (packaging and shipping). InPost uses modern machine park and some innovative solutions, namely monitoring of the ordinary shipments. InPost deliverers are equipped with GPS devices ensuring the proper delivery.


    By the end of 2013 InPost intends to launch 500 new Customer Service Points. Moreover, the InPost network is estimated to cover 1600 offices within a year, which allows to deliver the correspondence for individuals in 750 locations, and for institutional customers in 10000 ones.


    More info at:,,