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    Rafał Brzoska among the prestigious group of Visionaries 2012

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cracow, October 1, 2012


    Rafał Brzoska among the prestigious group of ‘Visionaries 2012’


    President of the Group is honored to be one of the five visionaries of Polish business


    Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Groupjoined the prestigious group of “Visionaries 2012” due to his visionary perception of market, international promotion of Poland using the easyPack by InPost service, and a huge contribution to the development of postal and courier sector. Among other nominees in the ranking formed by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna one can also find Wojciech Sobieraj, the CEO of Alior Bank, and Herbert Wirth, the CEO of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The five Polish business visionaries were awarded during the European Forum for New Ideas, which took place on September 28, in Sopot.


    Rafał Brzoska multidimensional creativity, vision and business strategy led to establish the Group, acting in the postal and courier sector, one of the key sector of the Polish economy dominated by the monopoly of Poczta Polska. The company also provides services for the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, creating a new era and setting up new standards for Polish companies acting in the international arena.


  strategy is based on innovative solutions that haven’t been implemented before. They are not only revolutionize business realities, but most of all the individual customer sector. The easyPack by InPost service (self-service parcel machines to send and collect parcels 24/7) helped the Group to make a spectacular breakthrough in thinking and perception of postal and courier market by the Poles. This sector has been neglected for years by Poczta Polska [Polish Post], and the lack of competition was a favorable factor for the market "idle", deepening a long-term period of stagnation in this sector.



    Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of Group summarizes the results of „Visionaries 2012”; “there are no doubts, easyPack by InPost is one of the most promising Polish export brands, as demonstrated by the contracts signed by our company all over the world. We were convinced the solution offered by us would conquer Europe. It gives us a possibility to promote Poland as an innovative country open to new business ventures. Thus, we prove that there is still some space for novel services in the global market, perfectly fitting into the macro-market trends. We are really proud of the fact our achievements have been recognized by the “Visionaries 2012” contest chapter. We also believe in our future contribution to a number of significant changes that will bring some measurable effects not only to the operators, but to all customers and the state budget”.



    The built-from-scratch network of innovative easyPack by InPost machines is currently the second largest in the world logistics structure, enabling to send and receive parcel 24 hours a day. Thanks to the international expansion, it took the service just a year to become the symbol of innovativeness, and promoting Poland around the world. Nowadays, the machines are or soon will be accessible from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, Russia, Cyprus and Spain, to Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Australia. Simultaneously, the Group is in advanced talks with another partners and is working together with PineBridge Investments, a global equity fund, on a project of implementing 16 000 easyPack machines in Europe and the CIS countries over the next four years. This is the only and the greatest project in the postal and courier sector, carried out by the Polish company.


    By the end of 2012, Group plans to deploy 1000 new easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 400 in Russia, 200 in Ukraine, and over 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 the company will deploy another 3 thousand new easyPack machines in Great Britain, two Scandinavian countries, Croatia, Slovenia, and Belgium. In 2014 there will be another 2,5 thousand machines deployed in Europe, the same in 2015, respectively. In 2016 the company plans to launch 3 thousand machines. 4 thousand machines will be held in reserve by the Group to be installed in different countries, depending on the market demand.



    On the eve of the liberalization of the Polish postal market, Group introduces the automated terminals that may replace the traditional post offices in the nearest future onto the European market. The latest InPost’s idea is an automated postal terminal combining the functionalities of registered mail and a parcel pick-up machine with a traditional automated teller machine (ATM), a unique and pioneering pilot in the world so far. The device has been developed in cooperation with NCR, a global leader in ATM manufacturing. The first terminals will be tested by some international postal operators within this year.


    The automated postal terminal adds value to the services from national post operators or can even replace some of the unprofitable post offices as they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no queues and in a convenient location for customers. The terminals offer postal as well as banking related services such as the delivery of registered letters, bill payments, money transfers, cash withdrawals and deposits, pick-up and shipment of parcels.


    More information about InPost is available at:,,,, and:, and easyPack Facebook profile.