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    STATEMENT on summons of Poczta Polska prompting to pay compensation

    Krakow, 19th August 2010




    on summons of Poczta Polska prompting to pay compensation

 , the leading Polish postal group and an independent financial operator, in connection with an article in today’s weekly, “Puls Biznesu”, “Poczta Polska fires at Integer”, announces that it has yet to receive any letter from Poczta Polska, the Polish state-owned postal operator. Because of this it is not able to relate to possible demands of the national operator, described in the article.


    Sustaining its position from December 2008, the Board of Directors of assures that the companies forming the Group, including InPost, act legally. The services are provided by InPost, the independent postal operator, on the basis of the interpretation of the art. 47 sec. 2 of the Polish Bill on Postal Services valid between 2006 and 2008, according to which accepting, transporting and delivering a letter or parcel with a metal weight which was attached to it by the sender does not constitute the breach of the current regulations. The Polish Office of Electronic Communications, in the course of its inspections between 2006 and 2008, did not have any reservations concerning the way InPost carried out its business activities.

 , after the Polish Office of Electronic Communications published, in August and October 2008, a new interpretation of the Polish Bill on Postal Services 2006, taking into account the correct functioning of the postal market in Poland, created the logistic process so that it met the standards defined in the current regulations. Therefore, the companies forming the Group recognised the new interpretation of the Bill on Postal Services as legally binding, and all the activities carried out by them is in keeping with the current interpretation of the Bill on Postal Services. The positive effects of the changes introduced in the company was corroborated by the inspections of the Polish Office of Electronic in January and February 2009: “As a result of the inspection, it was established that the operator had eradicated all the irregularities within the timeframe given in the ruling*”.


    We would also like to highlight the fact that art. 46 of the Polish Bill on Postal Services guarantees to Poczta Polska, as the only company on the Polish market, the right to deliver letters and parcels up to 50g without the need to charge its clients additionally. The full opening of the postal market in Poland, in accordance with the 3rd Postal Directive of the European Parliament, will take place in 2013. By this time the independent postal operators, including InPost, have the right to deliver addressed parcels only, and in the case of parcels up to 50g, the minimal price they have to charge a price which is two and a half times higher than the one offered by Poczta Polska for a priority letter in the lowest weight category. In practice, this means unequal playing field for the companies competing with the national operator in the field of delivering parcel up to 50g.


    We strongly believe that the year 2013 is the final date of the opening of the postal market as its liberalisation will contribute to a rise in the number of operators, which will be able to provide postal services under the same conditions. The liberalisation of the market in Poland will undoubtedly influence the competitiveness in the field of prices and enhance the quality of the services provided, and, what goes it with, more benefits to customers.


    At the same time, we would like to emphasise that should or InPost find that the actions of Poczta Polska damage the reputation, reliability and high stock market position of the companies, the Board of Directors and main shareholders of are going to take sufficient actions, also legal ones, to protect the interests of the whole of the Group.


    We will inform about the development of the case systematically.


    With regards,

    Rafal Brzoska
    The President of


    * The decision of the Chairperson of the Polish Office of Electronic Communications, Warsaw, 12th November 2009