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    STATEMENT on the dismissal of the petition of Poczta Polska

    Kraków, 25th January, 2012




    on the dismissal of the petition of Poczta Polska


    The Management Board of InPost and, the leading Polish postal group, hereby announces that on 25 January 2012 received the decision of the District Court in Krakow (IX Commercial Division) in which it dismissed entirely a claim raised by Poczta Polska (file IX GC 674/10) regarding payment of compensation in the amount of PLN 60.71 million (including interest since 4th November 2010) by Group.


    The claim of Poczta Polska, inter alia included the return of unjustly acquired financial benefits by the Group, and to refrain from any acts involving the acceptance, transport, and delivery of items of correspondence, direct mail, or any other consignments posted in a manner that prevents from checking its content of a weight not exceeding 50g and charges not less than 2.5 times for the lowest weight range consignment of the fastest category specified in the Universal postal services’ price list of the public operator”.


    The Board of InPost and shall ensure once again, based on the results of the inspection carried out in the company by the Office of Electronic Communications that companies being a part of the Group operate in compliance with the Act on Postal Law and its interpretation. Therefore, InPost and fully accept the judgment of the District Court in Krakow.


    The court's decision is not final and binding. Poczta Polska has the right to appeal against the decision of the court.


    With regards,


    Rafał Brzoska
    The President of InPost and