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    Strategic arrangement of the InPost to the benefit of the Polish public sector

    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                December 20th, 2013


    Strategic arrangement of the InPost to the benefit of the Polish public sector


    InPost, the largest independent post operator and owner of revolutionary parcel lockers, extends its business in terms of postal services addressed to the public sector. The company, along with the Polish Postal Group (Polska Grupa Pocztowa), will handle an enormous deal related to processing of correspondence of Polish common courts and prosecutor’s offices. A 2-year contract may be valued at as much as PLN 200 million.


    On December 18, 2013 the Polish Postal Group signed agreements with the State Treasury – the Court of Appeal, Kraków and the General Prosecutor to provide services concerning correspondence of common courts and prosecutor’s offices. The two-year contract that becomes effective as of January 2014 is worth ca. PLN 500 million. Throughout the term of agreements, the Polish Postal Group will deliver, on average, over 100 million shipments, i.e. 4 million letters, parcels and courier mails nationwide and worldwide on a monthly basis. In the recent future, the list of all locations offering collection of the registered delivery, will be released on the Polish Postal Group’s website: The company will carry out services basing on the network of more than 7000 post offices across Poland.


    The contract between the Postal Group and InPost comprises provision of postal services within the territory of Poland and abroad in terms of collection, relocation and delivery of postal packages and return of undelivered mails, including:

    • Letters with the weight of up to 2.000 g (Size A and B): regular, priority, registered, unregistered, with return receipt
    • Postal packages with the weight of up to 10.000 g (Size A and B): regular, priority, with return receipt
    • Postal packages with the weight of over 10.000 g up to 30.000 g (Size A and B): regular, priority, with return receipt
    • Courier mails with the weight of: up to 2 kg, 2 kg to 5 kg, 5 kg to 15 kg, 15 kg to 30 kg, 30 kg to 50 kg

    „We are glad that we can cooperate with the Polish Postal Group in the process of performance of such an essential contract addressed to public institutions. We are fully prepared, in terms of technical background, to provide extensive operations, basing on a relevant number of locations, owing to the collaboration with RUCH SA. Moreover, we hold an outstanding technological potential, capable of processing the mass correspondence. Today, our state-of-the-art sorting plant deals with 1.2 million parcels daily, and its output has not been fully explored. It is worth noticing that Group has entered into numerous agreements with foreign partners and we jointly provide postal services on the European and global market" says Rafal Brzoska, CEO of Group



    „I am convinced that our commitment and involvement into the contract implementation could let us prove that we deserve to earn trust from the largest public institutions. Savings, that common courts and prosecutor’s offices gain thanks to that deal, will allow to achieve other objectives these institutions find crucial. Undoubtedly, we make our best to execute the contract smoothly and solve troublesome issues in an effective manner. In the recent days, we can expect that our proxies will appear in the courts and prosecutor’s offices to make initial arrangements. We are also eager to cooperate with the national postal operator in Poland (Polish Post) that may take advantage of gaining some financial profits on cooperation with commercial operators, as it is happening on the foreign markets. We are definitely satisfied with this step on heading into deregulation of the postal market, I mean a tender that we’ve won and clear decision of the National Chamber of Appeal. Shortly, we will also reveal addresses of our post locations on our website, where notified deliveries could be collectedcomments Leszek Zebrowski, CEO of the Polish Postal Group.



    „Following modernization and implementation of IT solutions to the network, the RUCH outlet has become a cutting edge spot providing its customers with a wide array of services. Owing to collaboration with InPost, our offer will be additionally expanded by an option allowing for collection of notified deliveries. The RUCH retail network covers the area of entire Poland. Our own locations and partner’s agencies can be found in each commune and therefore the accessibility of spots, which offer collection of notified deliveries, assures a nationwide range of operaton. Simultaneously, I may guarantee that the new service will be of top quality and collection of notified deliveries in the location holding the RUCH’s logo will be simple and, most of all, rapid”adds Igor Chalupec, CEO of RUCH S.A.



    Pursuant to the decision of the Purchasing Center Public Sector Enterprise of November 22, 2013, the Polish Postal Group had submitted the most favorable offer in the tender for processing of correspondence referring to common courts and prosecutor’s offices. The Polish Postal Group’s bid was over PLN 84 million lower as compared to the one of the Polish Post.


    On December 16, 2013 the National Chamber of Appeal upheld the decision of the Court Purchasing Center related to the tender won by the Polish Postal Group regarding processing of correspondence referring to common courts and prosecutor’s offices. The sentence of the National Chamber of Appeal dismissed an application of the Polish Post and acknowledged that the Polish Postal Group had fulfilled all the relevant criteria to implement the contract.


    The Polish Postal Group could have participated in the tender arranged by the Purchasing Center thanks to amendments introduced to the Specification of Essential Terms of a Contract (SIWZ), upon the decision of the National Chamber of Appeal of October 7, 2013, stating that none of the court or prosecutor’s office in Poland shall be entitled to claim that the postal receipt of the registered deliveries sent by courts or prosecutor’s offices is to be issued officially, referred to in Art. 17 of the Postal Law.