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    The first edition of InPost Global Forum ended with a success!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cracow, February 18th, 2013


    The first edition of InPost Global Forum ended with a success!


    Sharing of knowledge, transfer of experience and promotion of best e-commerce practices – these were the topics that have dominated the first edition of InPost Global Forum 2013. The two-day workshop was attended by representatives of the postal and courier industry throughout the world. Experts representing Estonia, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Latvia discussed the functionality easyPack by InPost and the implementation of these innovative devices on their markets. The industry InPost Excellence Award 2013 was granted for the first time during InPost Global Forum.

  Group manages the world’s second largest network (more than 14000) of machines to send and receive shipments. This innovative project using devices that operate 24 hours a day has already gained recognition in 14 countries barring Poland. The specifics of local markets, legal conditions, local logistics rules that govern e-commerce industry and specific consumer preferences are the hot topics for the postal and courier industry . Thus, the InPost Global Forum initiated by the Polish operator, was an ideal opportunity not only to exchange experience in technology and logistical issues, but also the source of inspiration to implement constructive world-class solutions.



    easyPack by InPost is a new solution, therefore we decided to offer the companies using our technology an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge at the first InPost Global Forum. This type of dialogue contributes to the transfer of technology and best practices, dissemination of information among the easyPack service users and thus, to increase the efficiency of future implementations. The development of the network also reduces the costs and risks of projects and investments. I hope our partners enjoyed the formula of InPost Global Forum. I also hope that next year we will meet in an even larger group of operators offering services based on the InPost technology"- concludes Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.


    The international operators also enthusiastically comment on the InPost Global Forum, held on 16-18 January 2013.


    "I think that participation in the InPost Global Forum was a very valuable experience. We have seen how the other easyPack users have implemented these devices in their markets. We have also presented the solutions used by us. In the first instance, we had focused on acquiring the end customers and then we started building a user database to integrate e-stores", pointed out Orla Sheils, General Manager Parcel Motel from Ireland.


    On the other hand, Khalid Ibrahim Almohamed, director of the Saudi Post parcels segment added that "such meetings as InPost Global Forum are not only an excellent form of exchange of experience, but they also promote best practices in the e-commerce sector. I am convinced that in the next few months we will certainly use the knowledge acquired during those workshops."


    In turn, Victor Hugo Avila,CorreosChile director of business innovation emphasized the fact that "The knowledge gained during the InPost Global Forum is extremely important from the point of view of operators implementing such innovative solutions. We have no doubt that with easyPack service we are setting the new trends in logistics in South America."


    The first InPost Global Forum ended with a ceremonial handing over the InPost Excellence Award 2013. This industry award was granted to Eesti Post for a model service implementation onto the Estonian market.


    "It's a great honour that the InPost Excellence Award was awarded to us. When implementing easyPack service in Estonia, we mainly thought about the consumer convenience. Not only the service immediately became popular among our customers, but it also gained attention in other Baltic states, such as Lithuania and Latvia! Taking into account the achievements of other countries presented at the InPost Global Forum, I am sure that next year there will be much more competitors”, said Ansi Arumeel, Head of Logistics, Eesti Post.



    By the end of 2013, there will be around 3.5 thousand machines operating on foreign markets, and in 2016 already 16 thousand ones. International expansion project valued at 300 million euros is carried out by the Group, together with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund.


    At the same time, InPost implements automated postal terminals on the European markets, combining functionalities of easypack parcel terminal, letter module, and ATMs, which in the future may replace the traditional post offices. The project is implemented with NCR. The first terminals will be deployed in foreign markets even in 2013.


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