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    The first store with InFlavo launched!

    Cracow, October 21th, 2010


    The first store with InFlavo launched!
    Vobis opened a store on Facebook


    InFlavo is a platform, offered by Group, that allows running a shop via and has just been introduced to the social commerce market. Obis Digital is the first company to open a store with Inflator’s cooperation, the store is available on the company's profile.


    InFlavo is an innovative social commerce service, offered by Group. The application allows running online stores via one of the world's most popular social networking sites, InFlavo is an excellent solution for companies and individuals who wish to enhance their distribution channels. InFlavo solutions are offered to all those who enjoy active and productive time spent in the social media. It is the most effective and practical way of online shopping with your e-friends.


    Vobis Digital is Poland's largest digital electronics retail store. At the same time, it is one of a few companies that do not allow the competitors to overtake them when it comes to exploring the new areas of the Internet. In cooperation with InFlavo Vobis is the first to open an online store in the social media. Facebook users can now do the shopping without interrupting their chats, quizzes or games, by choosing from over four thousand products in twenty groups offered by Vobis.


    When asked why e-sellers should go for social commerce, the experts from InFlavo said: "There is no such a company which does not look for a better and more effective ways of reaching the client. Today a customer spends more time online and that at an arm's length from the store, single-direction communication is no longer an option. One needs to reach the client, consult and show what is interesting in one's offer. The times of having the product and full warehouse are long gone. The way of communicating with the client is the key element of online sale. InFlavo guarantees not only efficient contact but also easy means of Facebook communication. We want to broaden the contact between the buyer and seller by adding communication with the buyer's friends. Facebook allows the process to run smoothly without any interventions of the seller. Natural and neutral message is of utmost importance here. This is InFlavo."


    InFlavo is a platform that allows complete sales service on Integrated payments via dotpay, Paczkomaty 24/7 are only some of the features of this new solution. InFlavo three price packages, 35, 150, 350 PLN, with the possibility of individual license and pricing.


    User-friendly software allows you to start your shop within a few minutes after the installation. InFlavo experts emphasise: "our software is not a plug-in for already existing stores; we want to make it possible for a user to start his online store adventure from Facebook".


    Except for the software, InFlavo offers its clients social media support in communication with users. According to InFlavo experts: "Launching a store with Facebook or with any other portal is just the beginning of hard work to gain profit. InFlavo team consists of experienced professionals in trade and social media, this is why we know how to promote and increase sales in social commerce."


    According to our statistics, every sixth Pole uses Facebook.


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