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    The Group – the leading Polish postal group, provider of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, and independent financial and mobile operator – demonstrated an increase to 57,46m PLN in consolidated revenue after the first quarter of 2011, which indicates an increase by 36,2% in comparison to 2010. The net profit amounted to 4,83 m PLN and is higher by 25,8 % comparing to the one achieved in the analogous period of the previous year. The net profitability of the Group reached 8,4%.


    The Group demonstrated 6,36m PLN of the operational profit dafter the first quarter of 2011 which indicates an increase by 18,9 % in comparison with the first quarter of 2010. Consolidated EBIDTA grew by 37,9% (from 7,42m PLN to 10,23m PLN).


    The share of non-standard sources of profit (including the electronic ones) in the income structure of the Group within the next few years at the levels of at least 30%, taking into account the expansion of the InPost Easypacks 24/7 service in Eastern and Central European countries and Middle East.



    “The year began very actively, which was reflected in a satisfactory financial results. Obviously, those results also reflect the activities carried out by the Group throughout the year 2010. Our ambition is to maintain such level of dynamic development in the following years. Stock market rankings performed by Puls Biznesu, among others, confirm the Integer’s strong advantage position – the company continues to solidify its growing position in capital market, ensuring high rate of return on the shares. Consequently – thanks to well-diversified and strategic business plan – we aim to maintain the status one of the most prospective companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange” – said Rafał Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of


    In March 2011, the rate of return on the shares of reached the record 488.11% counting from the entry date in the WSE. On May 11 it reached 619.58%.


    In the first quarter of 2011, the Group continued to develop the very popular Easypack 24/7 service. The biggest achievement was to start the cooperation with the Estonian state-owned post after winning the tender by The agreement concluded with Eesti Post covers not only the production and installing of 38 easypacks units, but also entering into technological partnership and business consulting as far as the new service implementation in Estonia is concerned. The order value in the first stage amounted to 950,000 Euros. The Estonian post does not preclude the continuation of cooperation with the Group.


    The Eesti Post and agreement is a prelude to entering the international market in 2011. By the end of 2012 the company plans the expansion of Easypack 24/7 in 9 Eastern and Central European countries and Middle East.


    “We are active on very promising markets, available only for dynamic and flexible companies, that adjust their possibilities and offer to rapid changes. The group went a step further – our products and services set trends, for example in e-commerce industry and social-shopping, thanks to InPost Easypacks service. InFlavo platform offered by e-InPost – a company which is a part of the Group – allows running online store via one of the world's most popular social networking sites Facebook. This pioneering solution on the Polish market helped to initiate a new direction in the area of e-commerce commonly known within media as f-commerce. At the same time we are ready to implement new, innovative ideas that favour Polish economic development” – added Rafał Brzoska.


    Based on the InPost Easypacks service and solutions implemented in 2010, the Group has announced launching the innovative service that enables carrying out the whole shopping process online using only a mobile phone, by the end of 2011. The key assumption of a new concept is visit in a InFlavo-based shop, making the payment with mobile payments offered by InPost Finanse, and delivery collection at the Easypack 24/7.


    The plans of the Group for 2011:


    Increasing the share of the postal-courier market to 18/20% by the end of 2012;
    Consistent growth of the letters delivered from almost 75m in 2009, about 140m in 2010, to 220-250m letters and parcels in 2010, and achieving the efficiency of 280-300m letters in 2013;
    • The development and promotion of Power Post [hybrid mail];
    • Systematic construction of the position of the leader of the e-commerce sector, including the development of Easypacks 24/7 service: launching 800 machines in the whole of Poland and the international expansion;
    • The dynamic development of E-InPost and InFlavo services;
    The implementation of the programme giving the access to online shopping (InFlavo) with the use of a mobile telephone (FreeM), mobile payments (InPost Finance) and a delivery to an Easypack 24/7 unit;
    • The development of the direct marketing and loyalty programmes services with the use of FreeM and MOVA brands
    • The introduction of new mobile telephone networks dedicated to chain stores;
    • The development and acquisition of new customers for mobile payments and e-invoicing;
    • The maximisation of accessibility of financial services in the key regions of the country;
    Strengthening the position of the leader door drops distribution and extending the range of operation in Ukraine (distribution and Easypacks 24/7).


    The Group – the most important event in the first quarter of 2011


    March 2011:


    InFlavo - introducing flash widget service, tool which boosts the f-commerce effectiveness
    InFlavo - implementation of free mini applications for platform users as high as third in the ranking of the 400 largest companies listed on WSE using CANSLIM methods (Puls Biznesu)


    February 2011:

  gains high ranking position in the 12th edition of Best Quoted Company of the Year by Puls Biznesu
    o 16th in the general ranking – a significant progress in respect of 80th position in 2009
    o 9th in Top20 companies that have best perspectives in comparison with 170th in 2009
    o 10th among the quoted companies, that were the most successful in 2010, according to analytics
    InPost Easypacks – service implementation by the next e-stores: ,,,, the biggest e-pharmacy and, group – launch of the international expansion of Easypacks 24/27 service in relation to winning of the tender for production and implementation of 38 easypacks units for the Estonian state-owned post.(Eesti Post)
    InFlavo – service integration with cStore 3.13 software, dedicated to e-stores.


    January 2011:


    InPost Easypacks - establishing cooperation with platform converging approximately 1300 different stores


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