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    Cracow, 1 September 2011






    The, the leading Polish postal group, an independent financial operator and a provider of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, demonstrated an increase to 11.57m PLN in consolidated revenue after two quarters of 2011, which indicates an increase by 56.6% in comparison with the analogous period of the previous year. In the last six months the Group’s consolidated revenues increased by nearly 22% (from 94.69m PLN to 115.56m PLN). The net profitability reached 10%.


    In the first quarter of 2011, Group generated its operating profit of 14.65m PLN, obtaining an increase of more than 21% compared to the analogous period of the previous year. Consolidated EBIDTA amounted to 21.4m PLN, which indicates an increase of 27,7%.


    The rate of return on the shares of amounts 633,57% counting from the company’s debut on the WSE.



    The customized services, including electronic ones, and the international expansion of Easypack services, as well as revenues from InFlavo and InFlavo Kultura sales platforms will constitute at least 30% of the Group’s revenues in the incoming years.


    Rafał Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of said: ”We closed the first and second quarter of 2011 with an exceptionally satisfactory financial gains. We maintain upward trend despite the downward trend in global and Polish economics. Due to high business activity we continuously retain a strong position in the capital market, which – with excellent financial results, augurs well for investors for the next quarters of 2011. Consequently, due to the diversified and strategically planned activities, we strive to maintain the status of the one of the most promising companies listed on WSE. In 2011 we plan a strong entry into European markets with Easypacks devices. The contracts with Estonian public post – Eesti Post, iTech – the Russian fund and the Spanish partner are just an introduction to our international expansion”.


    In the first half of 2011 the Group activities were focused on acquiring new strategic business partners, in terms of the international expansion of InPost Easypacks, in particular. Respecting this, the Group conducted an intensive sales and promotional activities both in Poland and abroad. Three finalized contracts involving the launch of Easypacks in Estonia, Russia and Spain are the results of the active international business contacts. According to the Group’s plans, the 24/7 machines for collecting and sending parcels will be available in four major markets – in Latvia, Ukraine, the Czech republic and Slovakia, by the end of 2011. On the other hand, in three years’ time the devices are to be deployed in at least 20 European countries.


    At the same time, in the first half of 2011, the Group continued the development of Easypack services throughout Poland, launching new devices. The Group business activity also included the integration of Easypacks with the major sales platforms and e-stores in Poland, increasing the services availability and range.


    In parallel with the Easypacks international expansion and the intensification of activities concerning their development on the Polish market, between January and June 2011, the Group focused on preparations enabling the implementation of the extensive business projects dedicated to postal and financial market, direct marketing industry as well as e-commerce sector in 2011, with particular reference to social shopping services.


    Based on the InPost Easypacks service and solutions implemented in 2010, the Group has announced launching the innovative service that enables carrying out the whole shopping process online using only a mobile phone,by the end of 2011. The key assumption of a new concept is visit in InFlavo-based shop, making the payment with mobile payments offered by InPost Finanse, and delivery collection at the Easypack 24/7.


    The plans of the Group for 2011-2013:

    • Increasing the share of the postal-courier market to 18-20% by the end of 2012
    • Consistent growth of the letters delivered from almost 75m in 2009, about 140m in 2010, to 220-250m letters and parcels in 2010, and achieving the efficiency of 280-300m letters in 2013
      • The objective will be achieved through the long-term contracts with the strategic customers, as well as a result of systematically increasing number of clients
    • Extending the range of postal activities:
      • InPost services are currently available at 900 Customer Service Points in 230 cities, while the correspondence delivered via InPost services reaches more than 7000 places throughout the country, taking into account also the smallest ones. By the end of 2011, the Group plans to open 500 new branches in Poland. Meanwhile, the number of localities where the service can be available for individual customers (not only using the Easypacks service), will increase to 450, and for institutional customersto 6000 places
    • A consistent building of a leading position in e-commerce sector, including a development of InPost Easypacks:
      • Launching another 200 devices in 2011, thanks to which the Easypack network is to be expanded to over 600 machines throughout the country
      • Launching 1000 machines in Poland, eventually
    • International expansion of Easypacks machines:
      • The implementation of the concluded contracts with:
        • Estonian public post, Eesti Post for the production, delivery and implementation of 38 Easypack machines
        • iTech, a part of the QIWI Group – the development of Easypack business in over 30 Russian cities; 440 Easypacks are planned to be installed there
        • local courier company operating on the Spanish market, for the design, manufacture and installation of Easypack machines in Spain. In 2012 it will be possible to send parcel via InPost Easypacks both to Spain and to collect foreign parcels in Poland
        • the 24/7 machines for collecting and sending parcels will be available in another six promising markets – in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia by the end of 2011
        • in the next three years the Easypacks will be available in at least 20 European countries


    • The dynamic development of e-InPost together with InFlavo and InFlavo Kultura services, the platforms that enable to carry out a comprehensive selling via, designed for generating and creasing number of Easypacks users


    • The implementation of the InFlavo project that enables virtual shopping using a mobile phone (FreeM), mobile payments (InPost Finanse) and ordering the shipment via InPost Easypacks
    • The development of direct marketing and loyalty programs services with the use of telecommunications brands, FreeM and MOVA
    • The launch of new mobile phones brands dedicated to retail chains
    • The development and acquisition of new customers: mobile payments and e-invoices
    • The development and promotion of Power Post/ hybrid mail


    • Improving the accessibility of the financial services in the key voivodeships as well as concluding new, strategic contracts, such as public entities and local governments
    • Strengthening the position of market leader in the distribution of unaddressed mail area and the expansion of activities in Ukraine (distribution and Eaypacks)
    • The Group priority is to invest in modern technologies which allows an intensive and systematic developmentof the companies being a part of the Group, thus enhancing their competitiveness


    The Group activity in distribution of unaddressed mail, postal and courier services, e-commerce and social shopping sectors, financial industry and in the MVNO segment allows the effective use of the synergy among companies that belong to the Group, resulting from the compatibility of solutions and services offered within the Group.


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