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    The Group plans to launch 1000 new easyPack machines by the end of the year

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cracov, July 4th 2012


    The Group plans to launch 1000 new easyPack machines by the end of the year


    The Group, easyPack by InPost service provider and operator, has implemented the 1st stage of its strategy aiming at the development of easyPack machine network development. By the end of 2012, the company plans to deploy 1000 easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 400 in Russia, 200 in Ukraine, and over 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia.


    The Group international strategy, implemented together with PineBridge Investments, the global private equity fund, presumes the launch of 16 thousand easyPacks in Europe and the CIS. The project’s estimated value is 300 mln euros.


    Increasing of easyPacks by InPost in Poland includes 6 biggest agglomerations in the second half of 2012, namely: Poznan, Tricity, Wrocław, Silesia, Krakow and Warsaw; at the same time the Group is very active on the European markets in terms of business activities, covering the implementation of current contracts for easyPack services as well as the acquisition of the new ones.


    The nationwide offensive of the Group concerning the expansion of easyPacks by InPost range not only presumes the launch of the new machines until the market saturation point is achieved in a given area, but it also takes into account the relocation of the existing ones. Currently there are 420 easyPack machines in Poland. That number shall increase to over 700 by the end of the year. The plan assumes the installation of approximately 1000 machines in Poland, eventually. Nevertheless, we notice the growing interest in our service, therefore it is possible to deploy some additional easyPack machines, which have successfully replaced the traditional forms of shipments delivery not only in Poland, but on the worldwide scale” – announces Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of the Group.


    easyPacks by InPost is the second largest network of that kind in the world and the only innovative solution in Poland that enables quick and secure sending and collecting parcels around the clock, 7 days a week, without queuing and at the convenient location. easyPacks, the self-service parcel machines save time and reduce shipping costs. The items significantly support dynamic development of e-commerce business, but their functionality is also appreciated not only by e-customers and companies involved in e-business, but also the individuals and companies not involved in e-sales. easyPack by InPost delivery option is being offered by more than 3000 e-stores. Currently, about 10 000 e-sellers use the service.


    The first stage of increasing the availability of easyPack servicesintended for the Polish is supported by a dedicated advertising campaign in Multikino cinema network and NAM. From June 27th, a 10 second teaser and 40-seconds spots will be broadcast in special advertising time blocks, before the movies start. The campaign is supported by the SMS contest enabling to win some discount vouchers of200 PLN each sponsored by and TopSecret e-stores, the partners of the campaign. There are also some guaranteed discounts to anyone who sends an SMS.


    More information available at:,, and and easyPack Facebook profile.




    InPost Easypacks 24/7 guarantee prompt and safe online shopping. They are a perfect solution for Internet stores because:


    • they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    • almost every parcel (98%) sent to an InPost Easypack is ready for collection a day after it was sent;
    • more than a half of the customers (59%) collect their orders within first six hours from the moment they received the text message informing about the delivery of a parcel to an Easypack;
    • for 63% of the InPost clients, the operator of easypack machines, the service was reliable enough to choose this delivery option again
    • 74% of customers using the courier services have decided to use easyPack by InPost service and recognized it as more attractive than courier’s

    easyPack by InPost is the perfect solution for the customers as well since they guarantee:


    • the convenient collection of their e-shopping 24/7, without queuing and "along the way";
    • the collection process taking 17 seconds;
    • an e-mail or text notification about a parcel waiting for collection
    • Attractive prices
    • Convenient payment methods (debit card, e-payment, COD)
    • a chance to win valuable prizes and discount vouchers in contests and lotteries organized by InPost, the operator of the easyPack 24/7 service.