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     Cracow, 2nd March 2011




    The, the leading Polish postal group, an independent financial operator and a provider of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, demonstrated an increase to 202.56m PLN in consolidated revenue after four quarters of 2010, which indicates an increase by 49% in comparison with 2009. The net profit amounted to 16.52 million PLN and is higher by almost 61% when compared to the one achieved in the analogous period of the previous year. The net profitability reached 8%.


    The Group nearly doubled its consolidated operational profit after four quarters of 2010 (an increase from 12.33m PLN to 24.22m PLN). Consolidated EBITDA grew from 16.07m PLN to 34.73m PLN by 116% when compared with 2009.


  Group reported the consolidated net profit of 3.97m PLN in the fourth quarter of 2010, which indicates a 54.2% increase when compared to the analogous period of the previous year, and increased the consolidated revenue by over 23% from 46.12m PLN to 56.77m PLN. The net return reached 7%. At the same time, the group made an operational profit of 5.91m PLN in the fourth quarter of 2010, which indicates an increase of 47% when collated with the fourth quarter of 2009. Consolidated EBITDA amounted to 8.86m PLN.


    "We closed the fourth quarter and the whole 2010 with an exceptionally satisfactory financial gains. Thanks to intense business activity and the diversification of services provided, is one of the most promising stock-market companies in Poland. We are consistent in our efforts to maintain the status and fulfill our obligations towards our shareholders. We are phasing in novel services and entering new markets. The synergy effect, the compatibility of services and innovative technologies are our way of achieving success. What forms a base of all this are a clever and innovative ideas and a multi-faceted vision of what we aim at. The strategy adopted assures a dynamic development of the Group and is, therefore, a guarantor of the increase in revenue and profit in the upcoming quarters. Apart from this, the unshakable position of on the capital market proves it is a company worth investing in", said Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of


    In February 2011, the rate of return on the shares of reached the record 466.08% counting from our entry date on the WSE. in October 466.08 (as for 1th March 2011; source:;pl;sa,ITG,informacje.html).


    It is a perfect confirmation of the condition of on the capital market that it was awarded with the High Reputation Company title in the 3rd edition of the prestigious PremiumBrand analysis of the stock-listed companies. The Group is also an award winner in the 13th edition of the Fair Play Company competition, and the Malopolska province edition of the Polish Leaders of Innovation and Development 2010 contest in the Innovative Company category for the automation of the main sorting plant and the EKOInPost loyalty programme in the Innovative Service for Parcel Machines 24/7.


    The elaboration of the Parcel Machines 24/7 service, the introduction of a new mobile network, FreeM (MVNO) and MOVA, launching InFlavo and Power Post are the key enterprises implemented by the Group in the fourth quarter 2010. The last three months of the year were also marked by promotional actions for mobile payments and e-invoices. The steps taken are preliminary to large-scale business projects dedicated to the postal-financial, direct marketing and e-commerce sectors with a special regard for the services in the area of social-shopping.


    Based on the solutions implemented in 2010, the Group has announced launching a service which enables carrying out the whole shopping process online by the end of 2011: from a visit in a InFlavo-based shop, making the payment with mobile payments to the delivery to a Parcel Machine 24/7. With a view to achieving this, the Group has launched a mobile telephone network, FreeM, in the fourth quarter of 2010, which allows its users to use Internet communicators and social networking sites free of charge in exchange for watching adverts.


    The activities of the Group in the area of e-commerce and social-shopping will be further stimulated by the extension of logistic base, which will eliminate the former issues with the traditional way of delivering parcels and letters. The Group has been successively expanding the network of Parcel Machines 24/7, which reached the profitability level in 2010. The Group's Board of Directors plans the expansion of the company in 9 Eastern and Central European countries. has already started studio works aiming at the integration of the Parcel Machines 24/7 with the Deutsche Post network and owing to an agreement with the Estonian public postal operator, Eesti Post, first Parcel Machines will appear in the streets of the Estonian cities in July 2011.


    In the fourth quarter of 2010, the Group has also launched a trial version of the innovative Power Post service based on hybrid mail technologies, which is now available to a limited group of clients. The IT tool giving access to this service has already been taken into account in ERP systems of a Polish software development company, Comarch. The commercial start of the service is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.


    The plans of the Group for 2011:
    Increasing the share of the postal-courier market controlled by the company to 18/20% by the end of 2012;
    Consistent growth of the letters delivered from almost 75m in 2009, 140m in 2010, 220-250m letters and parcels in 2010, and achieving the efficiency of 280-300m letters in 2013;
    • The commercial start of Power Post, or hybrid mail, in the first quarter 2011, its development and promotion;
    • Systematic construction of the position of the leader of the e-commerce sector, including the development of Paczkomaty 24/7 service: launching 800 machines in the whole of Poland and the expansion on the East and Central European markets;
    • The dynamic development of E-InPost and InFlavo services;
    The implementation of the programme giving the access to online shopping (InFlavo) with the use of a mobile telephone (FreeM), mobile payments (InPost Finance) and a delivery to a 24/7 parcel machine;
    • The development of the direct marketing and loyalty programmes services with the use of FreeM and MOVA brands
    • The introduction of new mobile telephone networks dedicated to chain stores
    • The development of mobile payments, e-invoicing and InMobile services and acquisition of new customers
    • The maximisation of accessibility of financial services in the key regions of the country
    Strengthening the position of the leader door drops distribution in Ukraine and extending the range of operation there (distribution and Parcel Machines 24/7);
    The share of non-standard sources of profit (including the electronic ones) in the income structure of the Group within the next few years at the levels of at least 30%.


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