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    The range of  Paczkomaty 24/7 increases!

    The range of  Paczkomaty 24/7 increases!

    Another e-shops provide the option "Send via the automated parcel machines"

    The project Paczkomaty 24 / 7 (Automated Parcel Machines 24/7) has been recently joined by further sale platforms: eTradePRO and KQS. store, which all together consist of more than 1,000 e-stores. New partners widen the user group of Paczkomaty 24 / 7 by the largest providers of e-commerce solutions for online shops, such as or Establishing cooperation with e-shopping platforms means that all e-shops using their software are able to integrate with Paczkomaty 24 / 7 and send packages to buyers through the service. More information is available

    E-Trade Pro, originated in UK and available in Poland since 2008, is a modern platform, established to conduct e-commerce. The software is used by more than 1,000 stores in the country and abroad operating in the field of: the jewelery industry, automotive, construction and sports. For more information, please check the website

  software has been supporting the work of Polish e-businessmen for over 6 years. The platform is used by shops offering, among others, products from the cosmetic industry, the clothing or the books. More information is available at


    Due to the cooperation with E-Trade Pro and about 50 thousand of buyers purchasing in the shops who operate on these platforms will be able to use the service Paczkomaty 24 / 7. The online shops which join the project and are integrated with Paczkomaty 24 / 7:

    • offer their customers an innovative option "Send via the automated parcel machines "
    • send packages directly to the automated parcel machines
    • gain rebates and additional discounts for using the service

    The implementation of the service Paczkomaty 24 / 7 by online shops brings a lot of benefits for customers:

    • comfortable receipt of  parcels from the automated parcel machines without waiting in the queue
    • delivery of the package to the automated parcel machines within maximum 2 working days
    • information about a pending package sent by e-mail and SMS

    The automated parcel machines ensure fast and secure online shopping. Thanks to it, both, online shops and Internet users, can send and receive packages in a convenient location 24 hours a day.


    1. Create an account on the website:
    2. Purchase in an online shop
    3. Monitor your parcel
    4. SMS or e-mail with information about delivery
    5. Delivery of the parcel to the automated parcel machine


    1. Create an account on the website: www.
    2. Print labels and send the parcel
    3. Bring it to the automated parcel machine
    4. Monitor your parcel
    5. Delivery of the parcel to the automated parcel machine

    The rapid realization of order is the biggest advantage of the service Paczkomaty 24 / 7. According to the statistics on the efficient delivery conducted by InPost, up to 99% 1 of parcels sent to the automated parcel machines can be delivered the day after sending. Interest in the service is growing rapidly and the number of users is increasing week by week. After 4 months of commercial launch of the project - the service has already been used for about 50 thousand users.

    Information about Group:

    INTEGER.PL - KOLPORTAŻ RZETELNY   (INTEGER.PL – RELIABLE DISTRIBUTION) is the market leader in distribution of addressed and non-addressed advertising leaflets. There are 109 regional offices and one central warehouse in Piotrków Trybunalski. couriers deliver parcels to more than 500 cities in Poland.

    Monthly the company distributes about 90 million leaflets and printed advertisements.   Due  to modern and extensive infrastructure - adjusted to business - is able to provide a logistic supporttransporting 150 tons of materials to any place in Poland within 48 hours. cooperates with the biggest chains of supermarkets in Poland, such as Auchan, Elea, Leclerc, Lidl and Real. The company also provides services for financial institutions and telecommunications. has been listing on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw since October 2007. Funds gained from the public issue of shares are intended for the development and upgrading of the services offered by the company. is the winner of the Bull and Bear statuette for the Best Investment in a Stock Company in 2008. Prize awarded by the newspaper "Parkiet" is addressed to institutions and professionals who contribute to the development, dissemination and broadening the capital market.

    The company is also the winner of the prestigious “Business Gazelle" award (“Gazele Biznesu”) for the rapidly developing domestic companies, which achieve good financial results and are a reliable business partner. also awarded the “Golden Award” ("Złota Nagroda") as a triple winner of  the Quality of the Year (“Jakość Roku”) competition organized by the Polish Center of Testing and Certification in cooperation with the Gazeta Prawna, in support of ongoing efforts stressed to improve the company's quality policy. acts in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

    More information can be found at

    INTEGER.UA company has started operating on the Ukrainian market since January 2009. The company offers services in the distribution of printed non – addressed leaflets, intended mainly for business customers(institutional), including, among others, chains of supermarkets. The strategic goal of Ukrainian company is to gain 10-15% of shares in the distribution sector of printed non – addressed leaflets on this market.

    More information can be found at


    InPost is the largest independent provider of nationwide post. It has been providing postal services on a national scale since November 2006 in the area of items weighing over 50 g.

    InPost has its own facilities for technical and logistic activities to enable nationwide business. According to the strategy of development, the company will be present in the whole country in 2010 - in 230 Polish cities through a network of 900 Customer Service Centers. 
    Investing in new technologies is the most important goal for  the company. InPost gladly introduces new facilities, which may contribute to increase the availability and the quality of provided services. There will be new services such as, among others: notification machines and hybrid mail.

    InPost is the winner of the nineteenth edition of the “And Now - Poland” (“Teraz Polska”) competition. The company was awarded in the category of the Best Services for Tracking Shipments Online.

    More information can be found at


    InPost Paczkomaty (InPost Automated Parcel Machines), set up in November 2008, is the youngest company that is a part of . The company is responsible for project management and servicing the revolutionary on the Polish market automatically controlled parcel machines. The machines are able to receive online purchases at any time, 7 days a week.

    Due to a new solution introduced by InPost, most of the currently existing disadvantages of traditional courier services have been eliminated and the Internet users are provided with a professional and safe service, which is great help in their daily e-shopping.

    More information can be found at


    InPost Finanse (InPost Finance) - a company belonging to Group - provides financial and insurance services for individual and bulk consumers. Network structure is based on existing InPost Customer Service Centers, taking over existing customer service centers in small franchise networks and using cash pointssuch as: housing, waterworks, gas-works, energy plants, etc.

    Services offered in InPost Finanse include, among others: bill payment (e.g. the media), transferring nationwide and international money orders, sale of intangible assets and sale of simple products of financial mediation: insurance, loan, credit card, etc.

    Moreover, the company provides outsourcing services addressed to banks and financial institutions. In a special offer addressed to individual customers InPost Finanse also proposes bank products and loans sold by the postmen from the InPost company.

    More information can be found at


    Activity of  InPost Logistyka (InPost Logistics) is linked to the logistic processes (storage, transportation, sorting) throughout the whole Group. The company is responsible, among others, for the functioning of a logistic center in Piotrków Trybunalskioptimizing the costs arising therefrom, and working with external parties in securing and sealing parcels.

    More information can be found at