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    The statement on the letter of Poczta Polska prompting to pay compensation

    Krakow, 24th August 2010


    The statement on the letter of Poczta Polska prompting to pay compensation

 , the leading Polish postal group and an independent financial operator, sustains its previous statement concerning the demands of Poczta Polska, the Polish state-owned postal operaor, for and InPost to pay a compensation of 69.5 million PLN. deems the demands entirely groundless.


    We would like to highlight the fact that the summons sent to by Poczta Polska are not based on any reasonable grounds, and the demands it enumerates are not built on any facts or existing legal regulations.


    We would also remark that, in accordance with the statement of the Office of Electronic Communications, expressed by its Chairperson, Anna Strezynska, in the pages of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” on 18th August 2010 (the article’s title: “To rzad walczy z blaszakami, nie ja” [It is the Government , not me who is tilting at metal weights], p. 2), accepting, transporting and delivering a letter or parcel with a metal weight which was attached to it by the sender does not constitute the breach of the Polish Bill on Postal Services 2006. At the same time, the Board of Directors of does assure everyone that, according to all the inspections carried out by the Office of Electronic Communications, all companies forming the Group, InPost included, act legally and base all their actions on the Polish Bill on Postal Services 2006 and its official interpretation.


    It is wholly unacceptable that an institution which is being subsidised directly by the citizens and is acting under the supervision of the state, in an attempt to retain monopoly, to the detriment of the clients, tries to destroy the reputation of a competitor which acts legally. The acts of the Poczta Polska, in the event of an independent court dropping the charges against the independent postal operators, will generate multimillion losses, which will have to be covered from the state budget, as the losing party will need to pay the court costs.


    We also declare that, a well-known and valued stock market company, after having reviewed the actions of Poczta Polska and their impact on the reputation of the Group and its shareholders, reserves the right to defend its good name in court.


    We will inform about the development of the case systematically.


    With regards,

    Rafal Brzoska
    The President of