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    Two postal Oscars for InPost!

    Informacja prasowa


    Cracow, 19 May 2011


    Two postal Oscars for InPost!


    World Mail Awards Double victory for the Polish operator in the international World Mail Awards contest.


    InPost – the largest independent postal operator, a part of the Group – once again has won the international World Mail Awards contest. The company became an undisputed leader in two categories: E-commerce and Innovations, leaving the competitors such as Post Denmark, Sweden Post, Neopost and Post Malaysia far behind. Thanks to the last year’s award in the Growth category, Inpost is a proud owner of the three titles in the significant contest categories for postal operators. The 12th World Mail Awards 2011 Gala took place on 17th May in Brussels.


    As far as World Mail Awards 2011 contest is concerned – InPost has been recognized by world renowned experts for creating trends on the Polish postal market and deploying innovative tools and solutions in this area. The Company was also honoured for business activity in the e-commerce sector and above-average activity using the potential of social media in the current marketing strategy and creating a long term relationship with clients.


    “We are extremely happy that we have received those very prestigious World Mail awards – this year in two key categories for InPost. This triple triumph is a proof that in spite of being active only for 5 year on Polish market, we have achieved the international level in terms of services we offer. We are proud of the fact that the world-class experts can see our potential, and our important role in development of Polish and global markets, such as inter alia dedicated area services – the e-commerce sector with significant business opportunities. InPost never ceases to surprise – we know that if we stick with this strategy, we can achieve a lot by setting trends and being a part of world trends in the areas such as e-commerce and social shopping. Through our innovative and creative approach to rapidly changing economic realities, we soon hope to be able to talk about our further success in the international market” – said Rafał Brzoska, the President of InPost.


    From the beginning InPost successfully has been introducing an innovative solutions, unavailable on Polish postal-courier market and the area of operating globally e-commerce and social shopping businesses. InPost products and services – including those awarded in the World Mail Awards contest – meet the innovation standards, thanks to their unconventionality, creativity, and business ideas that overtake trends of the global market. The awarded company’s services are the following:

    • InPost Easypacks – an innovative postal-courier solution enabling to despatch and receive parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a convenient location. Easypacks is the sole postal-courier customized service in Poland that is dedicated to the fast booming e-commerce market and the world’s second largest network of this type.
    • InFlavo – Polish f-commerce industry leader – pioneering type of social shopping service that allows a comprehensive products and services sale via Facebook – a popular social network site.
    • FreeM – A new brand of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) created to support the revolutionary “virtual shopping” project, which is available through the compatible services offered by InPost, part of the group.
    • Power Post – a hybrid mail technology based service that enables sending traditional letters using a computer technology
    • Mobile Payments – an SMS service that is an innovative and alternative tool used to non-cash transactions

    Moreover, the jury highly assessed the Inpost use of the potential of social media, both in products and services promotion, and dealing with clients. It was not without reason, that Easypacks 24/7 were recognized as the most popular Fanpage on Facebook by Puls Biznesu. Thanks to throughout communication strategy and creative promotional campaigns of Easypacks – a phenomenon in relation to corporate profiles - the number of fans is constantly maintained on a very high level, reaching 200 000 of supporters.


    InPost is actively involved in process of creation of global postal services market, therefore its representatives participated in the World Mail & Express Europe conference that took place together with World Mail Awards Gala. That allowed the company to present its know-how concerned with creating modern and innovative postal service, operating successfully in a partly competitive market. Thus, in 2010 the jury decided to award InPost in the Growth category for the dynamic development on the Polish postal market.


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