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    Unprecedented contract on the postal market

    Cracow, 7th February 2011


    Unprecedented contract on the postal market introduces Parcel Machines 24/7 to Estonia


    The Group, the supplier and operator of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, introduces Paczkomaty 24/7, or Parcel Machines 24/7 to the Estonian market. This is the first time in the history an independent Polish operator has signed a contract with a foreign state-owned postal provider. Not only does the contract with Eesti Post, holding 98% of the local market, stipulate the installation of 38 Parcel Machines, but also technological partnership, business consulting and assistance in the commercial side of the new service venture on the territory of Estonia. The contract was awarded to by tender. The value of the first stage of fulfillment of the contract amounts to 950k euro.


    The contract concluded with Estonian state-owned postal provider is a first act of major expansion for 2011 announced by the Board of Directors of Integer. The company plans to enter at least 9 Central and Eastern European countries with the Parcel Machines 24/7 service.


    "The contract with Eesti Post is undoubtedly a watershed not only in the history of our company, but also from the perspective of the whole postal market. The contract with the Estonian public postal operator unambiguously confirms that the innovative technological solutions implemented by do outclass foreign competitors. Our offer won thanks to high technical standards of our machines and their unrivalled functionality. We can firmly say that the idea of Parcel Machines itself, as well as the technological means devised to put it into practice, have reached a world-class standard on the field of the postal-courier services. We are happy that the Parcel Machines 24/7 project is valued so high by foreign partners. This is an enormous international success of Integer", said Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of the Group.


    The Estonian public post services 98% of the local postal market. The contract between Integer and Eesti Post stipulates the supply of 38 parcel machine but also leaves an option of increasing the number of the ordered machines. What is of importance, apart from the production of Parcel Machines to Eesti Post, will also be responsible for designing and implementing the educational and marketing strategies connected to the introduction of the machines to the Estonian market.


    "We offered a well-tried and reliable solution to the Estonian public post. However, we are aware that the implementation of such innovative services inevitably involves a prolonged education of the customers, who are not always ready to change their habits and behaviours despite potential convenience from using a new product. We know how to educate them, we do. This is why we offer a comprehensive business, technological and marketing consultancy to Eesti Post as a part of the contract, which makes the implementation of the service effective on the Estonian market", adds Rafal Brzoska.


    The first Parcel Machines should appear in the streets of the largest Estonian cities as soon as in July 2011.

  has launched 420 Parcel Machines in the whole of Poland to date. In the long run, the company plans to operate 800 machines.